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Lucky Green Appliance after St. Patrick’s Day

Recently, the number of new custom color appliances has increased rapidly. People are interested in putting their style in their kitchen, and appliances are now a great way to express it. Over the last few years, there are a variety of new colors offered by consumer electronics companies.

Janice Costa, President and Founder of KB Designers Network, said: Deep forest shades are a blend of soft mint green and green / blue, or the popular gray with a touch of green. “

Colored appliances add a fun and capricious atmosphere to the kitchen, as many choose white cabinets. And you can choose from many colors and shades.

Color options have changed over the years. The colors of electrical appliances in the 1950s were pastel, pink, mint green, turquoise, pale yellow and blue. Natural colors were popular in the 1970s with green, bright green, and avocado green, especially in electrical appliances. Harvest gold and burnt orange were also popular at that time. In the 1980s, several new colors appeared, including black, white, indigo, forest green, burgundy, and various shades of brown, tan, and orange. In all these periods, there was a mixture of shades of green.

Today, the sky is the limit of color choices for appliances. Many companies offer a wide variety of colors, some of which offer custom colors. The greens are consistently mixed. According to Hillary Frei, President of Big Chill Appliances, “Green represents the tranquility we all want to achieve in our homes, especially these days. The kitchen is the most popular space in the home. It is one of the most trafficked. Often a starting point for establishing an atmosphere or leading an aesthetic, color choice is a top priority. Appliances, cabinets, etc. In either case, the use of green sets the tone in a tranquil and calm, nature-oriented space. “

Kim Lewis Designs, a leading color expert and interior designer who chose this year’s shade Blue Star color, said: Calm down. We were very uncertain last year, but we hope that the Light Aqua Green will be unified, comfortable and safe. ”

Eliza Sheffield, President of BlueStar, said: Over the past year, we have become more and more aware of our safe place, heaven. The elements of home design are not as important as color and are not discussed or appreciated. Color is essential for raising the spirit and nourishing the soul. That’s why we offer so many options to inspire every lifestyle and personality. Light Aqua Green feels stimulating and quiet and can be easily used to create a stunning focus in any home kitchen. “

Nowadays, small appliances are also shown in green to add color punch to the kitchen. For those who just want a small colored punch in the kitchen-there are small appliances sitting at the counter. They include items such as small ovens, blenders and toasters.

Lucky Green Appliance after St. Patrick’s Day

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