Ludwig throws away Twitch on YouTube: “I’ve never felt loved by Twitch”

Ludwig loves Twitch, but didn’t feel Twitch loved him (Photo: Ludwig via YouTube)

Twitch has lost another streamer on YouTube, Ludwig. He explains that he was only offered a much better deal.

Despite being usually considered the streamer’s go-to platform, Twitch has recently lost many of its most prolific talents. Things like Valkyrae and TimtheTatman have recently been streamed exclusively on YouTube and are now attended by Ludwig Ahgren.

Usually known simply as Ludwig, his departure from Twitch is probably the biggest blow to the platform to date. Ludwig has the honor of being the most subscribed Twitch streamer to date. He regained the title from the Ninja in April of this year, thanks to streaming for 31 consecutive days.

Given Ludwig’s success on Twitch, Ludwig’s decision to switch to YouTube may be surprising to some, but Streamer offers a surprisingly naive explanation. In a video titled “Why I Left Twitch,” he says YouTube just offered him a much better deal.

Initially, YouTube offered more money than Twitch had paid him in the same number of hours. However, Ludwig wasn’t convinced yet and urged YouTube to offer better deals, including a less restrictive streaming schedule.

When Ludwig told Twitch to leave the YouTube platform, it didn’t even offer its own counter offer, so the response was much colder and frankly wanted him to be the best.

It was this cold that left Ludwig, “I never felt loved by Twitch. I love Twitch, but it wasn’t a two-way road.” He especially 31 Pointing to Subason for the day, Twitch states that he never contacted him afterwards.

With fellow YouTube streamer Valkyrae Tim the Tatman Congratulate and welcome him.

It’s still unclear how his departure will affect Twitch. At the very least, you won’t be bothered by Twitch, encouraging other streamers to look for new deals with YouTube, encouraging new entrants to start up on YouTube.

Platform, and more specifically platform holder Amazon, is also facing a proceeding filed by former Twitch streamer Dr. Disrespect. He was banned from Twitch last year for unexplained reasons and has been on YouTube ever since.

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Ludwig ditches Twitch for YouTube Gaming: ‘I’ve never felt loved by Twitch’

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