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The Ford team began their WRC visit to Africa on their forefoot, with three cars in the top five after Friday’s opening stage.

However, as the day went on, M-Sport’s fate worsened, with nine-time world champion Sebastien Loeb retiring from fifth place after stage four.

Loeb won the first stage of the day, but his engine cut out after finishing the final test of the Mornin group. A small fire in the engine bay turned the French into electricity for the road section, Depleted battery finished his day 5 kilometers before the service park..

Teammate Gus Greensmith lost 13 minutes on a flat tire on the right rear, damaged the wheel rim and had to replace the wheel on stage 4. Meanwhile, Adrien Fourmaux retired on stage 5 due to a rear differential issue.

To complicate matters, Craig Breen was forced to stop to fix a flat tire on the final stage of the day before a steering failure kicked him off the road. The Irish day ended prematurely in the incident, so he was out of sixth place.

Wilson’s way of collapsing that day stunned Wilson, but revealed that a 10p costly component failure led to Loeb’s retirement.

“I can’t remember when I lost my three-point car on the first day. To be honest, I can’t remember what happened last,” Wilson said.

“Unfortunately the work that failed [on Loeb’s car] It will probably cost about 10p. It was a small O-ring that broke down, and after a leak, something ignited and the wiring dome burned.

Malcolm Wilson, Team Principal M-Sport

Photo: M-Sport

“It’s a great rally and its character is different from anywhere else in the world.

“Personally, looking at what happened to many cars, I honestly think that Fesh Fesh Sand is ruining it. But if all the rallies are the same, I We couldn’t get this kind of adventure. “

Team Principal Richard Millenner said:

“There is nothing we can do.

M-Sport has been struggling to stay consistent since Loeb’s victory with three cars finishing in the top five in the opening round of January in Monte Carlo. Breen’s second place, the last time-out in Sardinia, is the only other podium finish in Cambrian costumes so far.

Breen was also surprised at how Friday ended, carefully running through Kenya’s tough gravel and sand stages.

“To be honest, it was a bit of a disaster. The whole team had a tough day,” Breen told autosport.

“I was happy with everything that was happening, I was happy with the speed, and I was happy not to make any mistakes.

“I wasn’t putting my car at risk. What happened on the final stage was, to be honest, a bit of a disaster.”

Craig Breen, Paul Nagle, M-Sport Ford World Rally Team Ford Puma Rally 1

Craig Breen, Paul Nagle, M-Sport Ford World Rally Team Ford Puma Rally 1

Photo: McKlein / Motorsport image

For Saturday, M-Sport plans to repair Robe, Breen and Fulmo’s entries and hopes that Kenya’s exhaustion stage will help save some points.

“Last year’s boyfriend [Rovanpera] I think I retired on the final stage of the first day and finished in 6th place, so my goal is to get all the cars back. “

“Anything can happen from today onwards.”

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M-Sport puzzled by Friday’s tragic safari “freak” incident M-Sport puzzled by Friday’s tragic safari “freak” incident

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