Mad Rat Dead Review (Switch)

There is one Really It stood out to us when we started to understand Mad rat dead: This game is It’s cool..Everything about it screams, from stylish visuals to sublime soundtracks. postureAnd the developers did a great job of communicating this feeling without going outboard.If you are a rhythm game sucker, you definitely I want to check this.

You play as the renowned Mad Rat. Madrat is sadly dead after undergoing many devastating laboratory tests. But everything isn’t lost, as the strangely cute mouse god gives our antiheroes another opportunity to relive the last days on Earth. He decided to use it in the only way he knew: by taking harsh revenge on the humans who experimented with him.

Having another shot in life comes with a catch, mind. Madrat’s heart is fragile and must be in tune with the rhythm of the music to keep it ticking. This forms the basis of side-scrolling gameplay. To navigate the environment, Madrat needs to go to the beat of music, dash, jump, and dive into each level in more styles than a properly launched Mafioso. He can also rewind time to undo any mistakes that may occur during gameplay. This is great after a little more laid back.

It takes some getting used to sticking to the beat of the music, but the gameplay is relatively simple overall. When you press “A”, Madrat locks out the dance move and propels it along the ground. “B” is a jump button and “Y” can be knocked down from the height. Utilizing all three movements is the key to maintaining the flow of music. If you miss the beat, Madrat begins to flutter. This often initiates a chain reaction of mistakes when fighting to return to the correct rhythm. When playing a fair share of platformers, sticking to a set rhythm doesn’t seem natural at first, but it won’t be long before the game soars in style and elegance.

Of course, rhythm games are nothing without great music, and this is where Matt Rat Dead really shines.Music is really Great, And each level will first display the title and composer if you want to search elsewhere.If we Had To complain, some slow tracks may slow down at first as you get used to the smooth tempo, but this is a small thing that didn’t really affect the fun of the game It’s a problem.

With its wacky story and stylish graphics, Mad Rat Dead will be a confident platformer. None The mechanism of rhythm.But with the help of a good soundtrack, it’s an experience that feels completely original, even if it is. Absent The first game to blend platform and rhythm genres. It can be a tricky game, but the rewind feature makes it feel relatively refreshing overall, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music and bust out those illness movements.

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