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It’s been almost two months since I last posted the Mike Lowe slider update, Madden 21 I thought the All-Madden slider I’m using needs to post the latest updates.

In addition to that, one of the nice things about Mike’s process is that he always shows a lot of videos and “proof of concept” about some of the problems the slider is trying to fix. His slider also made me believe in All-Madden. This is not the difficulty I usually lag behind.

Finally, we recommend using these sliders to play on your broadcast camera. It has an acquired taste, but it is delicious once you get used to it. Many people in the OS are coming to this camera and hope it will be even more loved in future versions of Madden.

Madden 21 Sliders – MikeLowe Version 1.16 Overview

  • 12 minutes quarter
  • No defensive switch (or rare)
  • No user catch (or rare)
  • Simulate weekly bronze training
  • Controls LB or DB
  • Works not only in full games, but also in play the moment
  • Evaluated and tuned to add realism and accuracy to the simulated CFM game, preferably the NFL
  • The main menu settings do not interact with the CFM settings. Limit. end. I have confirmed from the Madden team (and from years of personal experience) that it is nothing more than an exaggeration / statistical variance.

League setting

Skill level: All-Madden (try it)

Game style: simulation

League type: All (I’m using the owner)

Instant Starter: Off

Transaction deadline: On

Transaction type: All valid

Coach firing: on

Salary cap: on

Superstar Ability: On

Relocation Settings: Optional (use secondary owner account to move teams if needed)

Injury: On

Existing Injury: On

Squad Theft Practice: On

Player progress frequency: weekly

Carrier clock: on

Full on-field control: on

Minimum list size: 46

Player movement restrictions during the season: unlimited

Player OVR Cut Limits: No Limits

Off-season player cut limit: unlimited

Quarter length: 12 minutes

Acceleration clock: on

Minimum playback clock time: 20

Seasonal Experience: All Manuals (or Custom)

Tutorial pop-up: off (or forced to scout the first player on the draft board)

Auto Progress Players: Off, but because it’s done by AI, it only simulates weekly bronze workouts

Fill the roster: off

Team settings

Auto Flip Defense Play Call: On

Defensive Ball Hawk: Off

Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off

Defensive Switch Assist: Off

Dynamic play call: off

Play call style: extended

Play call button layout: triangles, squares, crosses

Previous play info: On (simulating footage review)

Field visual feedback: Optional

For field trainers: Optional

Defensive Path Coverage Visual Assist: Optional

Receiver Visual Assist: Optional

Drive Goals and XP Feedback: Off

Franchise bottomline ticker: score only

Franchise Game Plan Boost Notification: Off

Coaching Tips: Options

Pre-snap menu: On

Player name: Only before snapping

Switch camera: On

Pass Come: Off

Offense camera settings: Optional (using broadcast)

Defensive camera settings: Optional (using broadcast)

XP slider (provided by CallMeMcCringleberry)

Quarterback: 77

Halfback: 111

Tight end: 117

Wide receiver: 89

Full back: 114

Tackle: 120

Security guard: 120

Center: 122

Defensive end: 102

Defensive Harness: 105

Middle linebacker: 80

External linebacker: 81

Cornerback: 115

Free safety: 120

Strong safety: 120

Kicker: 124

Panther: 124

Player skill

QB accuracy: 50

Path blocking: 50

WR catch: 56

Execution blocking: 48

Fumble: 52

Path defense reaction time: 95

Intercept: 36

Path coverage: 85

Tackle: 63

CPU skills

QB accuracy: 5

Path blocking: 10

WR catch: 45

Execution blocking: 25

Fumble: 40

Path defense reaction time: 10

Intercept: 15

Path coverage: 38

Tackle: 45

Special team

FG power: 49

FG accuracy: 40

Punt power: 60

Punt accuracy: 35

Kickoff Power: 53 (Use arcs when kicking to avoid too much touchback. AI needs arcs here, so it doesn’t always lead the league in KR.)

Game options

Injury: 40-44 (Recommended range for games played, which can go up to 50 for simulated games)

Fatigue: 54

Minimum player speed threshold: 70


Note: Do not over-concentrate this Penalties are called, but instead the number of penalties and yards is accurate.

Offside: 99

False start: 99

Held: 99

Face mask: 99

Defensive path interface: 99

Offensive Path Interface: On

Kick Catch Interference: On

Illegal block behind: 52

Intentional grounding: On

Roughing passersby: 49

Roughing kicker: on

Run into the kicker: on

Automatic registration

As long as you have a specialist in your location, the defaults will work fine.

Proof of concept

QB scramble for touchdown:

In this video, various slider adjustments are combined.

AIQB throwing a real deep ball:

AI goal line stand 4th place:

Open the receiver and throw after the third without being bothered by the warped INT:


Mike’s gameplay settings and options can be found in the OS thread and leave feedback after playing some games with these sliders.

Also, if you want to follow Mike Lowe’s work, feel free to check out Mike Lowe’s website and his YouTube page.

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