Madden NFL 21 Next Generation Details Revealed-Game Day and Presentation

Madden NFL 21 for the next generation console is coming soon, and today EA posted the latest Gridiron Notes to reveal details of what’s displayed on the day of the game. Thanks to the new delayed lighting and rendering, players can see more details in every part of the stadium. Finally, you’ll see a more interactive sideline that includes the player’s portrait, name, and figure. Players on the sideline will not get in the way when the player is pushed out of range and can also celebrate with the spectators at various stadiums in the league.

Delayed lighting and rendering

A genuine new environment unleashed by a new delayed lighting system creates an ultra-realistic football experience and player fidelity, enhancing the game in every part of the stadium. See details everywhere.

With the newly created next generation lighting model, everything looks more realistic. Players look good and shine even in more difficult scenarios such as nights, sunny types, and dome stadiums. Pyro VFX casts dynamic shadows and dramatically improves the fidelity of the player’s runout tunnel. Delayed lighting allows more light sources in the NFL environment and creates beautifully illuminated details.

Next Level Game Day and Sidelines

With the reaction of new context players, benches and fans, you can feel the explosive passion of the last-minute winner and the touchdown that concludes the game. And pre-match cinematics provide an unprecedented matchday experience to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the NFL.

The in-game experience provides real, dense sidelines and beautifully rendered crowds that allow you to interact with post-play player movements and NFL-faithful reactions. Formerly bystanders, teammates now interact more meaningfully during the game.

The improved hardware provided by the next-generation console simultaneously adds a level of interactivity, reliability, and responsiveness never seen before in Madden NFL, while simultaneously adding a unique number of sideline entities. Was able to be greatly increased.

  • Bystander players have the player’s portrait, name, body shape, and skin type
  • When the player runs or is pushed out of range, the player jumps out of the way of the ball or moves out of the way. Sideline characters are set to watch and react to play.
  • Improved head tracking and unique interaction for all characters in the player box without twinning

Celebrate with the crowd

At the next stadium, you can celebrate in the crowd.

  • Paul Brown Stadium-Cincinnati Bengals
  • Empower the Field with Mile High – Denver Broncos
  • FirstEnergy Stadium-Cleveland Browns
  • Raymond James Stadium – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs
  • MetLife Stadium-New York Giants and New York Jets
  • TIAA Bankfield-Jacksonville Jaguars (1 end zone)
  • Lambeau Field-Green Bay Packers
  • Pro Bowl (1 end zone)
  • Allegiant Stadium-Las Vegas Raiders (1 end zone)
  • Mercedes Benz Super Dome-New Orleans Saints
  • NRG Stadium-Houston Texans
  • Nissan Stadium-Tennessee Titans

Next generation player body

NFL athletes have different structures depending on the position they play. These differences become even more apparent thanks to next-generation technologies that provide a new level of detail and realism. The bodies of all next-generation Madden NFL athletes are brand new to accurately represent the different athletic body types throughout the league. See a deeper definition of the player’s physique while dynamic lighting highlights details such as face, hair and uniforms, taking athletes to a whole new level of realism.

The higher processing power of next-generation hardware allows you to visually represent the player’s body to match the actual counterpart. The number of vertices and texture resolution have almost doubled, and are designed to take full advantage of the graphics processor of next-generation consoles. In addition to the appearance of the player’s body, the next-generation console also opened up the opportunity to upgrade the rendering skeleton to better show secondary body movements and actual muscle deformities.

Players also look and feel different due to improved body-prominent animations that affect muscle movements, padding, and more.

Location-based audio

Whether you’re running out of Atlanta tunnels or jumping into a Green Bay stand, Madden’s new spatial audio technology gives you a completely immersive experience with the stadium’s roaring roar. I will.

The crowd placement data, which provides one-to-one fidelity of the crowd members in the stand, can be used to accurately position the cone output using the spatialization effect and the correct orientation. This means listening to the effects of spatialized Sound FX, especially when chatting or barking in the crowd. Audio is an undervalued attribute of the overall gaming experience, and with location-based audio, the audio soundscape is like a player on the field that really wraps you around, as in a stadium environment. You can feel it.

Stunning weather details

Mother Nature will come back to life in Madden like never before. See the raining bystanders standing water and the cold winter snow in the atmosphere with amazing new details. Visually enhanced weather conditions also influence the athlete’s definition of fabric to match environment variables.

The improved graphics power of the next-generation console allows you to render 10x particles while keeping your game running at 60 FPS. Real-time surface shaders and material shaders have been upgraded to take full advantage of the higher processing power of the CPU and GPU to represent weather-responsive surfaces. Check for new rain and snow effects on fabrics and sideline floors, especially in helmets and jerseys.

Controller haptics

An immersive controller haptics that senses the effects of all catches, tackles and kicks. With rich, responsive tactile feedback, the new PS5 ™ DualSense ™ controller enhances your gaming experience and lets you feel the rhythm of the game.

Players receive audio and tactile feedback to teach the game and immerse themselves in the experience. Imagine being warned by an oncoming Blitz linebacker or the sound of a catch winning a game. Thanks to the new dual-channel vibration technology driven by tactile waves, feedback can be delivered individually to each hand to give the player a feel in the field. With adaptive triggers, users feel resistance to the trigger and provide feedback if the player breaks the tackle or runs out of stamina.

Players who have purchased or have already purchased Madden NFL 21 for Xbox One and / or PlayStation 4 from now until the release of Madden NFL 22 will get the Xbox Series X | S and / or PlayStation 5 version of the game for free. The new game will be released on December 4th. Players can take over progress and content in Madden Ultimate Team, The Yard, and Franchise modes. Players can also purchase the Madden NFL 21 standalone NXTLVL edition on Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 for $ 69.99, adding even more valuable Madden Ultimate Team content.

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