Madden NFL 21 Patch Available-Includes Gameplay Tuning, New Superstar Abilities, New X Factor Player, and more-Patch Notes

An update for the new Madden NFL 21 game has arrived today. This includes gameplay updates, 4 new superstar abilities, 3 new X-Factor players, 12 new superstar players, and improved avatar customization UI.

Check out the patch notes below.

Gameplay updates:

  • Fixed an issue where the ball speed did not always reach the desired speed in some certain QB transit animations
  • Tuning to improve the response of the deep zone defender to the crossing route from the single receiver side of the highly rated defender
  • Tuning to slow down the cut reaction time of a one-to-one defense linebacker facing the other side of the QB
  • Fixed runblock targeting issue in Gun Wing Flex Week Inside Zone Play
  • Fixed a rare issue where the QB seemed to be using a path under pressure when it wasn’t actually under pressure
  • New Superstar Abilities and Superstar X Factor updates based on NFL player performance up to this point in the 2020 NFL season
  • Fixed an issue where one-to-one defense vs. “block and release” RB defenders could immediately switch their assignments to electric shock when they saw the RB start blocking, leaving the RB uncovered after subsequent routes. Did.

Newly added superstar abilities:

  • Film research – Defenders with this ability have a complete vision of play in which attacks were carried out five times a quarter. Via coach cam.
    • Developer Note: Based on the feedback we received from Madden 21 Beta, we’ve reworked this feature to provide more balance across multiple game modes. One of those tweaks is based on what the player said was too easy and too powerful to activate. Correspondingly, this ability must repeat a variable number of aggressive playcalls before it can be activated. This number is scaled up or down based on the current quarter and game quarter length settings, and the required amount is always displayed via X-Factor Vision before play. In addition, the defender’s knowledge of these repeated plays disappears at the end of the quarter, giving the attack a little more room in how to make play calls.
  • Backlash – Ball carriers with this ability will feel more tired of the tackler when tackling with a non-conservative tackle.
  • Recuperation – Players with this ability will recover from the effects of fatigue at an increasing rate between plays.
  • Honor lineman – Non-aggressive linemen with this ability often get impact blocks when blocking defensive backs in the open field.

New X Factor Player:

  • Alvin Kamala, Saint:
    • Satellite X factor
    • jukebox
  • Labonte David, Buccaneers:
    • Run Stuffer X-Factor
    • Deflator
  • DeForest Buckner, Colts:
    • Unstoppable force X factor
    • contents

New Superstar Player:

  • DK Met Calf, Seahawks:
    • Deep Out Elite
    • Red Zone Threat
  • Terry McLaughlin, Washington Football Team:
    • Deep in elite
    • Apprenticeship
  • Aaron Jones, Packers:
    • Backfield mismatch
    • Recuperation
  • Calvin Ridley, Falcons:
    • Midout Elite
    • Apprenticeship
  • Darren Waller, Raiders:
    • TE apprentice
    • Short out elite
  • Jamison Clouder, Jets:
  • Brian Barnes, Panthers:
    • Speedster
    • Strip specialist
  • Myles Jack, Jaguars:
  • Jesse Bates III, Bengals:
  • Ali Marpet, Buccaneers:
  • Jonathan Allen, Washington Football Team:
  • Josh Allen, Bills:

One-time addition:

Superstar downgrade:

  • The following players have been downgraded from X-Factors to Superstars
    • Drew Brees, Saints-Pro Lead ability removed
    • Calais Campbell, Ravens – Removed unstoppable power and edge threat abilities.
  • The next player is no longer a superstar and loses all abilities
    • Demarcus Lawrence, Cowboys
    • Rob Gronkowski, Buccaneers
    • Zack Elts, Eagles
    • TY Hilton, Colts
    • Justin Simmons, Broncos
    • Matt Ryan, Falcons
    • Julian Edelman, Patriots
    • Carson Wentz, Eagles
    • Ryan Kerrigan, Washington Football Team
    • Courtland Sutton, Broncos

Yard update:

Superstar KO Update:

User Experience (UX) Updates:

  • Users can now link directly to the vanity story from the avatar’s customization screen by clicking on the store ad or pressing Y / Triangle while viewing individual items.

Looking for more information on Madden NFL 21 Franchise Mode Update 2/3? By the way, it is scheduled to arrive in mid-January. Here are some of the things the team is working on for that update: The official release date is approaching for details. All of these franchise mode additions will also be added to the next generation version of Madden NFL 21.

Improving HR logic

New guidelines for CPU draft logic to help teams be interested in drafting QB in the first round. Addresses teams drafting two first round QBs in a row, along with other roster context considerations, and creates a more authentic window for development before the exchange is considered drafted. ..

Commissioner Control: FA Signature Cancellation – Off-Season Only

The commissioner can revoke the off-season FA signature directly via the transaction log. Simply click on the signature to restore it and the player will be returned to the free agent pool.

Commissioner Control: Team Override Settings

It provides the league commissioner with the ability to turn heatseeker tackles, ball hawks, and switch assists on and off, and allow users to maintain their individual settings. ..

Commissioner Draft Tool

It provides the commissioner with the ability to assign autopilot during drafting and the ability to pause / resume. This has been a top request in the community for years.

Commissioner House Rules: Play cooldowns and repeat play restrictions

After these settings debuted at MUT and Superstar KO last year, House Rules have become one of the most requested features for franchise players and we are very pleased to be able to offer them to you. Take control as a commissioner and specify how many times a play can be called in-game and how long a player must wait before calling the same play again.

The next generation Madden NFL 21 will be available on December 4th. With dual entitlements, you can buy now and get the next generation of Madden NFL 21 for free *. Upgrade to PS5 or Xbox Series X / S for free to communicate MUT, franchise mode, and yard progress across generations ** Read the Dual Entitlement FAQ for more information. * / ** Conditions apply.

If you missed the next generation preview of Madden NFL 21, be sure to read it here.

One of the themes of this virtual event was to allow players to see and feel how Madden 21 will play as a next-generation experience. This starts with the use of the PS5 controller. So what does that mean? For starters, the Controller Haptics of the DualSense Wireless Controller for PS5 means you can feel the pressure of the looming electric shock as you try to influence the field goals that win the game and the hit sticks at the perfect timing.

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