Madden NFL 21 PS5 / Xbox Series X Update Is a Really New Game

In a preview call with the executive producer of Madden NFL21, Seann Graddy promised to tell the difference between console generations in the first game. I was skeptical. But he was right.

Oh, and yes, the game looked sharper than ever, but that’s not the difference Grady mentioned in the discussion. He was talking about gameplay, player movements, and behaviors that are currently being reported by five years of real-world data collected by Amazon Web Services. In my first downset, I controlled defensive back (which I rarely do) and stuck to the root of the receiver, but while doing defensive back against San Francisco, I saw a lot of changes in pace and direction. I couldn’t.

But when Robert Woods of the Los Angeles Rams was a slow beat against my mental memory of the sloping route, I saw the difference in the sixth play and I was behind him I threw the ball. And when I dominated the line of defense, I definitely saw. And absolutely in my solo franchise where my favorite play mode is running as a powerback.

Line play is the biggest difference for me Madden NFL twenty one, And I think it will make the same difference to users who excel in football brute force techniques over their speed and finesse movements. The ability to find and hit holes, even for large, slow runners, shows what new technology can do for EA Sports.

In the past Maddens, especially when running the ball between tackles, the holes closed quickly, so I felt like I was crazy about tackle animations if I didn’t escape cleanly.With improved play along the line Madden NFL21That is, not only slowing down, but also bending, glancing hits, and stumbling, and instead of being dragged 3 yards, productivity increased by 6 or 7 yards.

The new movement has heavy and slow cuts and turns, prioritizing special movements so that defenders make mistakes in the open field.
Image: EA Tiburon / Electronic Arts

That said, slow-developing plays have a big impact on their effectiveness. A vivid example is a screen path that was probably a bit overwhelming in past generations. But that makes sense. As my lineman moves more directly and naturally to cover the receiver, the defensive line moves directly to my quarterback. I think two of the seven screen passes ended up with something other than a quarterback being fired or biased in the last second.

Elsewhere, you can’t pretend to be able to recognize the difference between a realistic wide receiver route trajectory and an automatic route trajectory dialed up by AI in Madden games over the last few years. However, it can be said that the path has lost its automatic sensation. I threw it at a man early on his route and it was still complete.

Moreover, even AI quarterbacks are not so lucky and accurate. Again, no one knows what the real cause of this is, but when talking about a single-player crowd, an average passerby like Ryan Fitzpatrick has a player’s outstretched hand. It’s really fresh to see putting the ball just outside. Madden usually dials incomplete in one of two ways and puts a drop or ball sailing way overhead.

Defense is rarely a job I enjoy (why do you think my franchise is a single player career?), But the biggest difference I can find is that they are in the hands of the users. How effective the defensive lineman is in the movement of. I feel that when balancing the game, the designer gave the user an edge in a large window and started the block shedding movement (especially when following the on-screen prompts).

Covering star Lamar Jackson with Madden NFL 21 on PS5 / Xbox Series X

This may sound like a weird compliment, but it reduces the automatism of the passing game as the imperfections of the AI ​​quarterback are presented more often and more realistically.
Image: EA Tiburon / Electronic Arts

Of course, aggressive line movements and movements are always in the hands of AI, so while users in Madden’s highly competitive community are said to have really good path protection this year, users It can be frustrating to see him always break through with good stick skills. On the contrary, stick skills are quite nervous now that the player’s momentum, turn, and acceleration are much heavier and more realistic. But I really don’t have an opinion as to whether this actual player data creates more realistic and exploitable path coverage, or whether linebackers and secondary players are more cautious.

I think this was a very technical discussion of American football, but that’s what EA Sports promised. Madden NFL21: New technology built into old games. The playcall menus and windows are different (conveniently) and the presentation benefits are plentiful, but these weren’t the protracted issues faced by this series. And I was skeptical that applying such a wide range of things once would solve many of the nasty problems of the game at once. No, I can’t say I can.

But as a legitimate upgrade from the previous generation console, EA Sports feels like it covers more areas to improve gameplay than colleagues are making. NBA 2K21 Or FIFA 21 It belonged to them. (((NBA 2K21 Undoubtedly, it’s another game a few miles away in the new generation, but it’s primarily due to its mode and content offering. )

Madden NFL25 A similar leap was made when moving from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. And the next game was legally the most fun of the series up to that point. At this point, Madden NFL21With its dull, same mode and feature set as the last generation version, the gameplay alone rekindled my interest. It may not have been love at first, but as Sean Grady said, it was the first game.

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