Made in Chelsea Star sells a free PS5 for £ 1,200 and fans are fed up

James Taylor didn’t like his Playing Station 5 (Photo: ResetEra)

Getting a free PS5 console from Sony is a dream come true for most people, but reality star James Taylor, who claims to prefer the PS4, is clearly not.

made in Chelsea and Instagram star James Taylor boasted on social media that Sony sent them a free PlayStation 5 console, but eventually sold it for a profit of £ 1,200.

However, after an angry gamer criticized him as “rude” and “bad taste,” he misunderstood how the revelation would go down and soon withdrew his post.

Taylor was driving a Ferrari and was obviously so wealthy that he wouldn’t have thought he needed to be a scalper where he sold eBay and consoles, but it seems that happened.

His excuse is that he’s returning to PlayStation 4 because he “did not like” PlayStation 5, but PlayStation 5 plays 99% of all PlayStation 4 games and considers the only difference he can oppose. And that seems pretty pointless. New DualSense Controller-Most people describe it as the best bit.

As a reminder, he doesn’t seem to be the most hardcore gamer in the world, as his deleted Instagram post called it “Playing Station 5”.

The reaction online was as expected, with users of the ResetEra forums having thousands of Instagram posts first discovered by gamers, branding Taylor as a “massive Dutch bag” and boasting of him as a “bad hobby.” Branded for everyone. British fans who couldn’t get the PlayStation 5 during the release week.

PlayStation 5’s current rate on eBay is around £ 600 to £ 900, so he may be lying about how much he sold the console anyway. Unless the person with his signature is worth more than we understand.

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Made in Chelsea star sells free PS5 for £1,200 as gamers brand him ‘disrespectful’

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