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Arsenal get Kamavinga’s boost, Edu on Saliba’s deal, and Madison’s claim to Arsenal in Gunners’ top news …

Kevin Campbell hopes James Madison will “go to the next level” once he completes his move to Arsenal.

The club is paying attention to some possible signatures after seeing the Gunners lose to Aston Villa in a race praising Emilia Nobuedia from Norridge and Dani Ceballos also leaving the club and returning to Bernabeu.

And that led to a lot of media coverage that Arsenal were aiming for a move to Madsion.

Over the past few seasons, Madison has grown to be one of the most aggressive midfielders in the Premier League and is reportedly interested in moving to Emirates.

According to media reports, Madison’s camp is looking forward to an approach from the Gunners this summer.

“It’s really exciting to hear him on our radar. I like him. I think he’s a great player,” said former Arsenal forward Campbell when asked about rumors surrounding Madison. Told the football insider.

“He’s still 24, so he’s a good age. He’s a young and talented player. I believe he can move on to the next level if he comes to Arsenal.

“But I believe Leicester is currently looking for crazy money, so sticking to it is a price.

“I know he’s a very good player, but £ 70m is a lot of money. It would be very interesting to see if Arsenal could lower that price a bit.”

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You see, Madison is a top-class player worth a lot of money, but despite the fact that Arsenal is one of the biggest clubs in the game, they aren’t at the level just a few seasons ago.

Arsenal have supported their quest to pull Eduardo Camavinga away from Rennais in this transfer window.

Now we’ve talked many times about reports that Mikel Arteta is keen to delve into the transfer Kitty and add a few players to the team to return to the Champions League spot.

Mikel Arteta has already lost Dani Ceballos and Martin Ødegaard in this transfer window. This means he needs to add another quality creative midfielder to his team, and Camavinga is currently on the club’s shopping list.

Today, considered one of the most talented players in the world football world, Camavinga is already a complete French national team and aims to be one of the best midfielders in the world football world.

According to the latest report, Arteta is keen to take action for young men, but the £ 100m asking price could exclude them from possible deals this summer, but they anyway. Is boosted

Foot Mercato claims they are aiming for a move to sign his successor, and states that they have begun negotiations with AZ Alkmaar on the move to Tooncorp Miners.

Camavinga’s agent, Jonathan Barnett, recently hinted that the midfielder could be one of the clients trying to make a big move, he told athletics. I expect my own 3 or 4 very big deals that will break many records.

“Hopefully they will come. For small clubs, I don’t think there are many transfers. There are very good players.

“Camavinga has probably the best young players in the world. We have [Jack] Grealish.We have [Ibrahima] Konate in Leipzig. But then there are over 100 players. “

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If Arsenal could secure a Camavinga transfer deal, they would get a seriously talented midfielder.

Arsenal’s technical director Edu talked about why the club allowed William Saliba to take out a loan this summer.

A former Saint-Etienne man who joined the Gunners in 2019 believed that the club wasn’t ready to play in the club every week, so he spent the second half of the previous semester on a loan on a top French flight with Nice.

However, there are some stories that he will be given a chance at Emirates this summer, especially as the club has just left David Lewis from the club, especially after the club did not agree to a new contract with the club. was

But that’s not the case, as he’s temporarily swapping for Stud Velodrome for the next season and following Mattéo Guendouzi, a fellow at Emirates Stadium.

Gunners’ technical director talked about Saliba’s move back across the English Channel, saying his experience in League One would only help him grow in the future.

“We decided it would be good to spend another season on loan with William for his continued growth,” he told the Arsenal club website. “William joined us at the age of 18, but he’s only 20 so he’s always growing.

“William is a player with strong natural abilities and could really benefit him in the good club Marseille next season. Playing another season in League One is for his growth. It’s very important. Of course, we’ll be in close contact with William during the season and wish him all the best in France with Marseille. “

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It’s a shame they don’t believe he’s enough to mark the team, as Saliba is a very talented defender and could be an Arsenal star.


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Madison Kamavinga and Saliba appear in Arsenal’s top news Madison Kamavinga and Saliba appear in Arsenal’s top news

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