Mads Mikkelsen on the “tricky part” of replacing Johnny Depp with Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3

Mads Mikkelsen, who will replace Johnny Depp in Gerato Grindelwald in the next Fantastic Beasts movie, talks about what he expects to be difficult to take on that role. It is different from the description of Depp. “Well, that would be me, so that’s the difference,” he joked.Seriously, Mikkelsen said: “This is a tricky part. I’m still working. There must be a bridge between what Johnny did and what I’m trying to do. At the same time, I You also have to make it your own, but you also have to find some links [to the previous version of the character] And some bridges keep it from being completely separated from what he has already accomplished brilliantly. “

Technically speaking, Mikkelsen will be the third actor to play Grindelwald. Colin Farrell played the role of the first film, albeit as “Percival Graves”. This is the alter ego of Grindelwald achieved by transformation magic. After being unmasked, Depp played a “real” version of Grindelwald for the second movie. I’m still not sure how the third article will deal with the changes, but the Wizarding World series, of course, has some useful magical clauses you can count on.

Actors who changed during production

Depp resigned from Grindelwald’s role after losing a defamation proceeding against a newsgroup newspaper on allegations of abuse between him and his ex-wife Amber Heard. The case admitted that his allegations of domestic violence were “substantially true.” As a result, he resigned from his role in Harry Potter’s first part series and was subsequently replaced by Harry Potter, Doctor Strange, and Casino Royale star Mikkelsen.

Little is known about the rest of Fantastic Beast 3. Production was put on hold for COVID-19 earlier this year, and there is clearly a “grand battle”, but few others have been published. It is currently scheduled to be released in July 2022.

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