Mafia definitive character and voice actor

Eighteen years later, Illusion Softworks’ open world 2002 gangster game Mafia was reworked for the latest consoles. Developed by Hangar 13, this game has been rebuilt from scratch, recreating the Lost Heaven of the 1930s in its gritty glory. Remastered Mafia: As part of the Trilogy package, the Mafia Definitive Edition was released on September 25, 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

If you’re already starting to delve into the game, you may have noticed some changes that go beyond the bumps of graphic fidelity and mood. Hanger 13 has decided to recast the English cast of the game to provide motion capture for the newly developed story and add a new movie layer to the story. This means that your old favorite character may not sound the same as it did in 2002. If you’re trying to figure out who is the definitive mafia, follow the new voicecasts and a handy guide to all the games. A small introductory book about the main character, the story of the game, will speed you up.

Mafia Definitive Story Primer

The definitive mafia is set in the fictional city of Lost Haven in the 1930s America during the Prohibition era. You play as taxi driver Thomas Angelo. Thomas Angelo gets confused by Salieri’s criminal family and makes friends and enemies throughout the game story.

Starting as a driver of the Salieri family, Tommy rises in rank to become a made man, helping Salieri’s many lucrative rackets and protecting his business from external influences and rival gangsters.

The Mafia’s main adversary was the Morello family Don Morero, who attacked Salieri and his cohort during the course of the game, causing a vicious mob war. The Morellos use corrupt police and unruly tactics to undermine Salieri’s control, thwart attempts to assassinate Tommy, and take informants out. However, Tommy eventually becomes disillusioned with his colleagues and the way they do it, causing interesting conflicts between the main characters in the game and causing a lot of twists.

In the Definitive Edition, the game has been rewritten to tell a more sophisticated story than the original, but most beats remain the same.

Mafia definitive character and voice actor

Tommy Angelo is played by Andrew Bongiono

Sam is played by Don Dipetta

Pauly is played by Jeremy Luke

Don Salieri is played by Glen Taranto

Sara Angelo is played by Bella Popa

Frank Colletti is played by Stephen Oliver

Don Morero is played by Sole Stain

Detective Norman is played by Dameon Clark

Sergio Morero Jr. is played by Matt Borengi

Ralphy is played by Ward Roberts

Vincenzo is played by Paul Tassone

Lucas Bertone is played by Thomas Gorrebeeck

Luigi is played by Robert Cabrini

Carlo is played by Joe Chamberro

Salvatore is played by Jordi Caballero

William Gates is played by Micom Olivier

Joey Cracker is played by Guy Nardulli

Mafia Definitive Edition Characters and Voice Actors

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