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Orlando Magic signed guard Markelle Fultz yesterday and transferred Jonathan Isaac to a contract extension.

“I’m excited to keep both Markelle (Fultz) and Jonathan (Isaac) in Magic uniforms,” said Jeff Weltman, Magic President of Basketball Operations. “Both have a very bright future and have great implications for our organization, both inside and outside the courtroom.”

According to reports, Frutz’s contract extension is $ 50 million over three years and Isaac’s extension is $ 80 million over four years.

Fultz (6’4 “, 209, 5/29/98) played 72 games (60 starts) in Thailand last season, averaging 12.1 ppg., Team best 5.1 apg., 3.3 rpg. 1.25stlpg. In 27.7 minutes. He was tied 30th in the NBA in Steel and tied in 32nd in the assist. Fultz led (or tied) the team, scoring four times, rebounding once and the best of the team. He assisted 31 times. He scored 51 and 20+ points in double digits six times, including Brooklyn vs. career’s best 25 points on January 6. Fultz on February 3 He has given more than 10 assists five times, including the best 14 assists in his career at Charlotte. He has four double doubles and recorded his second career triple double at the LA Lakers on January 15th. With 21 points, the best 11 rebounds and 10 assists in his career. Fultz also appeared in five playoff games, starting at an average of 12.0 ppg ., 5.2 apg ., 2.2 rpg. And 1.00 stlpg. At 29.3 minpg. ..

Fultz, first selected in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft by Philadelphia (first overall), appeared in 105 career NBA regular season games (75 starts) between Philadelphia and Orlando, averaging 10.7 ppg. .. , 4.6 apg. , 3.3rpg. And 1.13 stlpg. In 25.5 minutes. He also played in eight career playoff games (five starts), averaging 8.1 ppg and 3.9 apg. And 1.8rpg. In 21.3 minutes.

According to Orlando Sentinel, “The three-year contract not only represents Magic’s commitment, but also gives Fultz the chance to hit an unlimited free agent at the height of his career. When the contract expires, he is 26 years old. Meanwhile, Isaac began to emerge as one of the league’s elite defenders last season before his knee injury stopped the season. Isaac returned during the NBA’s restart and had the same knee. It didn’t look like he was missing a beat before he kept the ACL ruptured at. He’s rehabilitating a surgically repaired knee, so he’s out for the next season. “

Isaac (6’10 “, 230, 10/3/97) played 34 games (32 starts) in Orlando last season, averaging 11.9 ppg., 6.8 rpg., 1.4 apg., 2.29 blkpg. And 1.56 stlppg. In 28.8 minutes. He led (or tied) the team, scoring three times, rebounding seven times and assisting once. Isaac’s career at @Indiana on November 23. He earned 23 doubles and 20+ points four times in double digits, including the highest 25 points. He has five doubles and includes 13 rebounds of his career high tie on November 20th @ Toronto. , Reduced more than 10 rebounds 6 times. Isaac blocked at least 1 block shot 30 times, more than 2 times, including 6 of his career’s best 6 block shots on November 6th @ Orlando He also stole at least once 24 times and more than twice 13 times, including the best 7 thefts of his career at @Milwaukee on December 28th.

Isaac missed 39 games last season due to an injury. Thirty-one of these games (January 3-10) were due to a left knee posterolateral horn injury / medial bone contusion in Washington on January 1st. He then returned during the resumption of the NBA at Disney, but on August 2nd, the left anterior cruciate ligament ruptured against Sacramento. Isaac was unable to compete in the 2020 NBA Playoffs and was successfully operated on on August 7.

First selected in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft by Orlando (sixth overall), Isaac appeared in 136 career NBA regular season games (106 starts), all Magic, averaging 9.3 ppg. , 5.4 rpg. , 1.1 apg. , 1.51blkpg. And 1.07 stlpg. In 25.8 minutes. He also started by playing in five career playoffs, averaging 6.6 ppg and 6.2 rpg. And 1.00blkpg. In 27.3 minutes.

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Magic Sign Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac Sign Extension Contract – NBA Blog Magic Sign Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac Sign Extension Contract – NBA Blog

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