Magic: The Gathering TV Series Starring Brandon Routh as Gideon Jura

Netflix Magic: The Gathering The anime series was premiered in the second half of 2022, and Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) As Gideon Jura. The announcement was made during the Magic Showcase 2021 streaming event on Tuesday.

Daniel Ketcham, Chief Designer of Wizards of the Coast Franchise Development, has delivered the news. He said all the scripts are currently in final version and the entire first season was recorded by its leading voice actors. He added that this series is perfect for large and enthusiastic fans. magic It’s a story, but if you’re a beginner, you don’t need franchise experience.

The first novel is coming from Penguin Random House with the anime series.

“It will tell the story of Gideon Jura and Jace Beleren,” Ketcham said, referring to an unknown novel. “How they met. We can see them road tripping the Multiverse, correct some mistakes, and also see where their relationship deteriorates. I will continue. “

Gideon and Jace are planeswalkers, Magic: The Gathering.. Gideon died especially in fiction during an event known as the War of Sparks.His last moment was recorded in the novel Spark War: Ravnica Greg Wiseman (Gargoyle, Star Wars Rebels), And with an exclusive set of cards known as signature spellbooks.

The Joe Russo Brothers and the Anthony Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame). Originally planned to adapt Magic: The Gathering In the case of Netflix, I broke the studio over the creative differences. Jeff Clyne (Transformers: Prime) Then took over the project, as originally reported by Deadline.

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