Major Call of Duty: Warzone Streamer to quit with cheats and boredom

Photo: Warzone Streamer Departs to Play Something else (Photo: Activision)

Many content creators are considering migrating from Call Of Duty: Warzone as there are no real changes and hacking continues.

While The Call of Duty series is one of Activision’s biggest money-makers, and the free-to-play Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone has an ever-growing list of fan complaints, most often hacks and Cheating is rampant.

The average player isn’t the only one getting tired of Warzone. Some of the prominent content creators seem tired of the state of the game and are choosing to move on.

For example, Streamer CouRage is an avid Warzone player, and his Warzone stream attracts an average of 8,548 viewers (according to TwitchTracker).

But he decided to take a break from Warzone just because he was bored, and added that he enjoyed Apex Legends more instead.

He also points out the lack of virtually new map features added to the game in almost a year and a half, especially when compared to Apex Legends.

Last week, Dr. DisRespect was easily one of the biggest and most famous streamers and uninstalled the game live for similar reasons. He’s tired of it, which is why his play is bad.

Two other content creators, The Xclusive Ace and Drift 0r, have released a video discussing the future of Warzone. The former states that many content creators continue to take Warzone because it’s their job and a way to make money.

Moreover, that’s because there aren’t any other games that are popular enough to portray the same kind of viewers as Warzone videos. That said, TheXclusiveAce believes the game is becoming less popular and less relevant. This is another reason streamers and YouTubers are in a hurry to play other games.

Especially damaging to Warzone is the next release of Battlefield 2042. Battlefield has always been a major Call of Duty competition, but more recently it has been fighting the giants of Activision’s military shooters.

But EA is pulling out all the stops for this year’s entry. There is no battle royale mode, but it promises a large battle of 128 players and a new battlefield portal that allows you to fully customize your match.

Battle Royale mode hasn’t been identified either, but Halo Infinite is another major multiplayer game to be released in the fall. Recently, we held a technical preview exclusively for multiplayer to make a good first impression.

The most frequent requests from Warzone players were for major changes. Not just the hacker situation, but the content and core gameplay as well. And, of course, some people quit the game because they didn’t want to continue to support Activision in response to news of the California proceedings.

It’s still unclear if Activision intends to make significant changes to Warzone to keep viewers in check. Anyway, it’s unlikely that the game will end soon, especially when the 2021 game is released.

Call Of Duty: Warzone is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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Major Call Of Duty: Warzone streamers quitting the game over cheats and boredom

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