Make a big decision: how to tell the whisper of the soul

“Intuition is a whisper of the soul.” ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

“I can’t believe they’re taking over my side. I’ve done this job for years, and she decided to go in for me and ruin it all,” I said. I told my husband.

A few years ago, when I was working full-time at a company job, I had a disagreement with a team member. It went out of control and my boss had to sit with us. I was so humiliating and angry that he couldn’t see my side.

They will find you lose, Whispered my ego.

At that time, I decided to leave. I started looking for a new job and received an offer.

Well, there is a problem here. I did a great job, had a great team and didn’t have a long time. And I liked what I did. But at that moment, because of that disagreement, I decided to move it all away from the place of anger.

Tony Robbins often says that your destiny is shaped at the moment of your decision. I wish I knew this at the time. I got a new job, but the moment I accepted the offer, I realized the huge mistake I made. I remember going to a farewell party and almost vomiting. I remember trying to hide my tears.

Your intuition often speaks to you through your body, and my body clearly said no. Unfortunately, my ego’s voice was strong. It was too late to go back. That wrong decision sacrificed two years of my life that I could use for my personal goals and business.

Instead, I was stuck in the wrong job, worked long hours, miserable, and hated it every minute.

There are many times when we feel the need to react and feel verified. Untrained minds often react as I did from fear and anger. This is where the identification process begins. That is, the distinction between deciding whether to satisfy your ego or to truly evolve and expand yourself.

Primitive and responsive minds are not optimal for decision making because we are in a downward spiral and are working on multiple negative thoughts in our minds. Nothing good comes out of this space. We are neither neutral nor listen to intuition.

In a grand plan of things, when we ignore intuition, we introduce complexity into our way.In reality, you need to learn how to get out of and take victim mode in order to reach the next level.
Responsibility for our actions. There is always a choice in the decisions you make. The choice is between fear and love, a shift in blame and personal responsibility.

The easiest way to listen to your intuition is to ask yourself if you are making decisions from fear or from love. This experience was disappointing, but it also taught me a very important life lesson. I rarely make big decisions in my life without “consulting” with my inner guidance or when I’m not in the right headspace.

The tool I use for this is meditation. Over the years, I have learned to use the art of meditation to hear the whispers of my soul.Whenever there is a conflict or a runaway life, I am my own
Meditation pillow.

Before going into meditation, I ask myself. Why is this happening to me? What lessons do you need to learn from now on? Please help me see the way. I’m glad it feels and what it takes to make it better.

Then, silently surrender completely, without expecting insights or solutions. The answer usually comes quite unexpected when the world around me is shrunk to quiet ham. It’s usually not the answer I wanted, but it’s the answer I need at the moment.

I’m often asked what to do if I don’t get an answer. This means that you haven’t been sufficiently separated and are still hoping for an answer. This is fear itself.

“Why don’t you get the answer?”

“Am I not doing this correctly?”

“Maybe my intuition is broken?”

Intuition occurs when you are in a place of faith, not fear.

If this happens, try working out, watching, or watching a movie. Helps you avoid thinking about the problem. After that, I return to meditation again without any expectation. Then you will be amazed at the immediate answers.

It becomes a quiet whisper, inner knowledge. It happens when you are completely silent, or when you are thinking about something completely different.

It’s like a small whisper that you might want to bring an umbrella before you leave the house.But you choose to ignore that whisper, and you later hope you didn’t because of that
It rained a lot.

One of the greatest benefits of non-intuitive meditation is that it helps to silence the mind. This helps you take bigger and bolder actions, as the quiet critics in your head will never judge all your movements and guess again. Meditation helps you become more careful and present. What others say or do doesn’t affect you much.

Over time, you will begin to experience the “observer effect”. It feels like you are experiencing life directly as a series of moments, rather than assessing and analyzing it.

If you can’t meditate, journaling can also help with this process. Put trance music in the background and write freely. The secret of journaling is to let the pen flow without thinking. In 20 to 30 minutes, the handwriting will start to change and the words will look different. The message will be more affectionate and compassionate. This is when you know you are using your intuition.

Intuition is a powerful gift, but one that allows you to experience and learn how to recognize only in silence.

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