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Prior to the planned initial public offering, Endeavor has taken ownership of the UFC to 100% of the company and is open to institutional and individual investors.

When Endeavor acquired UFC from Zuffa LLC for just over $ 4 billion in 2016, Endeavor owned 50.1 percent of the company. The rest was owned by other investment partners. With plans to open the conglomerate, Endeavor has signed a deal to buy the rest of the UFC from other investors.

Endeavor initially planned to go public in 2019, but abandoned those plans when the market didn’t seem to support what it wanted to get from the public offering.

New UFC Buyout Plan Outlined in Endeavor submission to SEC On the public offering, it was a move to strengthen Endeavor’s net income and make IPOs more attractive to investors.

According to S-1 Filing, the UFC plus Professional Bull Riders (PBR) and EuroLeague basketball combination accounted for 20% of Endeavor’s 2019 revenue.

If the various parts of the deal aren’t put together as planned, the UFC’s ownership structure will return to its current state, leaving Endeavor with 50.1 percent ownership.

UFC Buyout (Outlined in S-1 Filing)

On February 16, 2021, Endeavor Operating Company will enter into a transaction agreement with other UFC holders and their affiliates to directly or indirectly acquire a stake in the UFC Parent Company (including warrants). We have signed a transaction contract “). As a result of common shares from other UFC holders (or their affiliates) received by the warrant holder from the exercise of the UFC parent or the UFC parent’s warrant, the Endeavor operator directly or directly shares 100% of the UFC parent’s stake. You will own it indirectly (“UFC Buyout”). We currently own a 50.1% stake in the UFC parent company’s common stock and have integrated the financial results of the UFC parent company since the 2016 UFC acquisition date.

Efforts show that a company’s strength is to overcome pandemic challenges

“It was as challenging as 2020, but it emphasized the strength, creativity, and resilience of our people who mobilized over and over again in the face of overwhelming odds. We made difficult decisions, but we worked as a team to find creative solutions and put our business in the right position for the future, “Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel said in a filing. It was.

“As the pandemic progressed, we developed the protocols necessary for businesses to safely reopen and provided models for other professional sports, events, and programs. UFC and PBR , Two of the first sports organizations to return responsibly last spring, hosted the WNBA season at the IMG Academy in the summer. In the fall, brought New York Fashion Week to life and reopened in New York City. Became one of the first major events.

“We believe that being a publicly traded company can accelerate this mission and further accelerate our vision of building a company for the world in 1995.”

An interesting footnote to the release of Endeavor is that Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk will join the company’s board of directors.

UFC officials have not yet commented on the acquisition or what the acquisition or Endeavor’s IPO means for the company.

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Make an effort to raise UFC ownership to 100% prior to publication Make an effort to raise UFC ownership to 100% prior to publication

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