Make Fitness and Health the Grammar of Life-Kamal Natth Thakur’s Health Story

Engaging in physical activity is a good thing. Sports help maintain our fitness, but it’s not the only thing when it comes to living a healthy and holistic lifestyle. To give a few examples, you need to monitor what you eat, when you sleep, and manage your stress well. Our player, Kamal Nath Thakur, said he was in good health until he met the GOQii coach. This is how his health story unfolded!

Participate in GOQii and do not choose coaching

Kamal Nath Thakur is a 52-year-old working professional from Ghaziabad. He is a badminton player and considers himself a fitness freak. He was introduced to GOQii in 2019 by his 14-year-old daughter Kavya, who saw an ad in the newspaper.

When he first entered the school, he had the impression that he knew everything about health and fitness, so he opted out of personal health coaching and decided that he didn’t need a coach. His decision was also influenced by the fact that he found it very difficult to follow the habits proposed by coach GOQii.

While he opts out of coaching GOQii app Step challenges, health quizzes, and even browsing Healthy reading..

The health story of Kamal Nas Takul begins

In April 2021, Kamal Nath Thakur was infected with COVID and was hospitalized for almost a week. He lost 10 kg and began to feel regular pain in his right leg. During this time, he was contacted by GOQii coach for personal health guidance. Given his condition, he chose the service and says it was one of the best decisions he has ever made!

Initially, he was coached by GOQii coach Prachi, who guided him about his diet in terms of meal timing, meal content and mixing, and the benefits that could be gained from it.He saysI started to feel the changes in my body.Looked“.

Since then, he has been very particular about his food intake, nutritional value, when and how to eat, what foods to avoid, and so on. Kamal Nas Takul said:She was great to elaborate on everything“.

After a while, he was appointed director of Pradonia. He discussed with her about his persistent right leg pain. Coach Pradnya suggested some leg stretching and leg strengthening exercises that he should follow. Kamal Nath Thakur found these exercises to be very useful.He saysIt was a boon to me when I needed it. Her guidance on a healthy diet, regular thought-provoking exercise, and healthy reading has made me a perfectly healthy man with practical knowledge of how to keep myself healthy. rice field. “..

After joining GOQii, he says his habits have changed a lot. He usually achieved his goal of 3,000-4,000 steps, but now he is timing at 15,000 steps every day. Previously he wasn’t particular about his diet, but now he’s focused on meal time and composition. He also follows and attends GOQii Play classes.

Coach Pradnya contacts him daily and guides him by chat or phone. She advises him according to his request. He says it was a fun change for him. He is the organization’s health champion and recommends GOQii to two colleagues who are currently using wearables and apps.

Our founder and CEO, Vishal Gondal, recently told Kamal Nath Thakur about his experience with GOQii in the latest episode of GOQii Health Stories, which features players who have benefited from personalized health guidance. You can see the whole conversation below:

What does GOQii coach Pradnya have to say about his changes?

“”Kamal continued a healthy lifestyle, including healthy and timely diets and daily walking. After recovering from COVID, he was in pain on his right thigh. Unusually, he decided to stretch his legs first. He also suggested ginger detox water to relieve the pain naturally. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is effective in relieving pain. He felt a lot of relief.

I’ve been sitting in the office or in the car for a long time while traveling, so my muscles may have been stiff. A few days later, we started a leg strengthening exercise to strengthen his leg muscles. It helped him cure almost all foot pain. Now he is confident that he will further improve his immunity, exercise whole body and eat a healthy diet.

Kamal Nath Thakur and his family are the GOQii family with his wife Sangita, daughter Kavya, and son Ketan, all GOQii players. From simply being healthy to entering the elite category within a year, he demonstrates his discipline, consistency, and dedication to being healthy and healthy!

Does it have anything to do with this story? Want to change your lifestyle like Kamal Nas Takul? Then join GOQii’s personalized health instruction and start writing a health story today. You can subscribe here:

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