Make fun of the next big update with a weird bean animation among us

Innersloth has announced a major update on the horizon with Spacebean photos. This is a cute new Among Us meme that has already been featured online.

Crew behind Among us It’s become well-known for its weird and ridiculous posts across social media, and the latest update announcement featuring “Spacebean” hasn’t deviated. Despite being released in 2018, it wasn’t too long ago Among us That caused the population to explode Cute and simple character And an infinitely reproducible whodunit experience. For a long time, the game dominated the Steam charts along with the Twitch and YouTube front pages, and although the numbers have declined slightly, the game continues to perform well to this day.

Developer behind Among us, Innersloth, had the honor He won two awards at The Game Awards 2020 and won both Best Mobile Game and Best Multiplayer. The award show unveiled the next major update to the new map, Airship. This has restored the number of players and streams after the March 2021 release. Among us It is still popular not only as a game, but also as a huge meme generator among both creators and fans.

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Officially new post made Among us The July 21st Twitter page features the announcement of the next big update with an animated GIF of “Space Bean” enjoying the iconic crew shape.The· Among us The crew is embracing and even energizing photo-shopping enthusiasts with this new addition to their high-quality meme lineup.

As you can see from the image above, this adorable little bean has appeared on Twitter to dominate the platform. The replies to this tweet are already flooded in Photoshop starring this cute new crewmate. Xbox Paste on the child GlobalGameJamA photo that Jeff Bezos has in his hand. We don’t currently have any information about the “cool things” that will come out in the next big update, or if Spacebean is a hint for some of them, but more will be announced shortly.

Inners Ross continues Among usInternet fame continuation After worthy of a popular explosion. Developers position themselves as friendly and casual with a social media presence and a perfect approach to the game and its fans.Continuous flow of memes and frequent updates Among us It is the one who maintains this Werewolf-A quirky party game at the forefront of game media.

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Among us Now available for iOS, Android, Switch and PC.

Source: Between us / Twitter, Xbox / Twitter, GlobalGameJam / Twitter

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Make fun of the next big update with a weird bean animation among us

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