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Behind every successful person is at least one mentor who believed and supported them from the beginning.

Mentors are cheerleaders who encourage your dreams and advisors who help you find your way. When things go wrong, your mentor provides you with a safe and supportive environment. You can confide in them your challenges and frustrations and trust them to provide honest and supportive feedback.

Your mentor is your champion — plays three important roles:

Resonance plate: Champions provide wisdom and advice and challenge you in a way that refines your perspective and goals.

support: Champions believe in, encourage, and often see your potential when you have never seen it in yourself.

Accountability: Champions don’t let you go off-hook, hold you accountable for your goals, and help you stand up after you fail.

Sir Isaac Newton was well aware of this concept when he said, “If I look further, it’s by standing on the shoulders of giants.” As Newton said, champions allow us to gain perspective and insight from their first-hand experience, which allows us to see better and farther.

In my own life, I have benefited from many longtime champions who have shortened my learning curve and given me a front row seat to learn from their own successes and failures. Access to such mentors is important to anyone striving to achieve your dreams, pursue new goals, or get going. The regular feedback and support provided by my champion proved to be invaluable throughout my journey.

Without these mentors, achieving our goals and dreams can be a long and lonely path. It’s difficult to go alone. Finding your own champion or group of champions can make all the difference when it comes to those inevitable ups and downs of chasing your dreams. Below are four simple tips on how to find yours:


Many ask me how to find a champion, and my answer is just ask.. In life, we get what we want and what we are trying to do. Don’t be on the sidelines just by hoping for a mentor or believing that finding a mentor is difficult. Simply make an effort to find it and ask if they are willing to give you some time and attention. You may now have a list of people in your head. Act on that basis.

Keep asking

Most successful people will find that they have succeeded with a lot of help from the mentors who helped them. Those Along the way, they usually want to prepay it. But why not use their response as an opportunity to ask them to recommend someone else in your area of ​​interest, even if the person approaching you says no?

Choose wisely

Find people who are (so far) better, smarter, and more successful in your work and life than you are. Find someone who can inspire you. It can take some time to find a mentor who has walked in front of you in terms of age, experience and success. Therefore, if you haven’t found that person yet, look for a colleague or colleague who is uncomfortable with maintaining the status quo and is working on your own growth and development. In this case, the iron actually sharpens the iron.

Become the champion of others

So many successful people have taken advantage of the circle of peers, friends and champions who cared for and supported them in their dreams. We recruit core groups of like-minded individuals who share similar goals and gather them in a monthly support group. When you have reliable and supportive people in your life, you become mutual champions of each other. These are the champions who are there for you between the inevitable mountains and valleys that seem to be ahead of your journey.

None of us can do everything ourselves. No matter how smart we are, we need the benefits of other perspectives and helpful feedback. Certainly, the more champions in our lives, the better. Make it your top priority and get started right away. Get that champion in your life. They will make all the difference!

Peter Ruppert Is the founder and chief executive officer of the Fusion Education Group, which runs more than 75 Fusion and Futures Academy from grades 6 to 12 in a classroom environment with one student and one teacher. A 20-year veteran in the education industry, he has opened more than 120 schools and acquired more than 25 schools. He is the president and CEO of private schools, charter schools, and organizations in the early education industry, and has been on the board of directors of local public schools for five years. He lives with his family in East Grand Rapids, Michigan.His new book Unlimited: 9 steps to start your one special life.. For more information, please visit

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Get Further, Faster in your Career: 4 Steps to Finding a Mentor

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