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Anthony Makuri kicked off the race season at the Lincoln Speedway last weekend. (Dande Marco photo)

Dillsburg, PA – Last year, Anthony Makuri made the biggest breakthrough in all sprint car races.

After winning twice in 2019, the 21-year-old inflated the mark to 11 in 2020, jumping from 171st place win to 8th place Thailand in the whole country.

Externally, it was a milestone year for Makuri. But internally he achieved his goal. He has won more than 10 races, earned more than $ 150,000, won the All-Star Circuit of Champions and set a fast time against the World of Outlaws.

Now, with the full start of the new season in central Pennsylvania in the next two weeks, Makri is on a positive track and is about to become a more complete racer.

“Last year it was a big feat,” Makuri said. “Like last year, we put more weight on our shoulders. We just have to keep working hard, staying on our own and not distracting the outside world.”

It was his prowess at Highbank’s half mile that led Makuri to this point, showing through an aggressive approach near the top of the track.

Originally from Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, he scored nine out of 11 wins on the half-mile race track last year, seven of which took place at the Port Royal Speedway.

In the end, he won as many open-wheel wins as Brad Sweet, Brady Bacon, Chris Wyndham and Tyler Courtney. He also made Danny Dietrich a seven-point shy point title in central Pennsylvania.

But taking him to the next level is to better understand and focus on short tracks like the Lincoln Speedway.

Makuri achieved an average 10.3 finish on nine features at Lincoln Speedway last year and failed to qualify for two Pennsylvania Speed ​​Week shows on the track. He also missed some races due to a misfocus.

On the eve of the Tascarola 50 at the Port Royal Speedway last year, Makuri certainly couldn’t compete fiercely with Kyle Larson to win. Larson set an extreme precedent most of last year, so Makuri realized he was racing hard.

By the end of the feature, Makuri had faded with a bald right rear tire, but Lance Deweez had won tactically.

“Staying focused is a big part of that,” Makuri said. “Of course, I want to think about how well we did last year, but after all, last year was last year and this year is this year. We need to focus on what we need to do this year. “

With Jimmy Shuttleworth returning as crew chief this year, Makuri knows he’ll have more eyes to follow.

“I have more eyes,” Makuri said with his eyes wide open. “And when I’m racing, I try not to think about it.

“When I wasn’t racing, it’s really cool to be known nationwide when I was young,” he added. “It’s all pretty cool, but once you’ve raced, it’s time to work.”

As a personal goal, Makuri wants to win the Lincoln Speedway and the 410 Williams Grove Speedway, which he approached many times last year. The World of Outlaws win is also on Macri’s to-do list. This is what every PAPosse driver is trying to do every year.

But last year, Posse was unable to defeat the outlaws for the first time since 1997, and Makuri feels part of that responsibility.

“A little,” Makuri said. “I’m currently labeled as one of Posse’s main drivers. I think it’s like my job to keep outlaws from winning. It’s a bit of pressure, but you’re you I have to do my job.

“I’m not here to make friends,” he said. “I’m really here to make money. This is my life. Focus. If something goes wrong, I’ll point it out. It’s not just my ass on the line , Jim’s butt on the line.

“This is our income. We must do our best.”

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Makuri is eager to continue its upward trajectory Makuri is eager to continue its upward trajectory

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