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Mitchell Malls won the Premier Winged Outlaw Main Event at the 36th Tulsa Shootout on Saturday. (Photo of Richard Bales)

Tulsa, Oklahoma-Mitchell Malls, CA was a big winner in the 36th edition of the Lucas Oil Tulsa shootout at the Tulsa Expo Raceway on Saturday night.

Moles was one of the first six winners to win the highest honor in the 55-lap Winged Outlaws feature, and Brian Carber led the Golden Driller trophy in two of the four Premier Microsprint classes.

Malls led the final fours and won his first career, the Golden Driller.

California’s hot shoes rolled from 8th on the field, moving to 2nd on lap 43, with Jonathan Beson and race long leader Joe B. Miller immediately behind after a single-file restart. ..

Bison was able to win the fight for the lead, but that wasn’t intended as Bison advanced his position in the mirror in front of the restart cone on the same restart.

The warning on lap 51 for the debris on turn 2 meant that the penalty was evaluated at that point and Bison had docked in two positions.

It put the mall at the point and despite the loss of power steering, No. 13j couldn’t touch the checkered flag.

Bison returned to 2nd with Tyler Courtney roaring from 16th to 3rd. Cody Key crossed fourth and Miller finished fifth.

With two wins in one of the weekend’s best performances, Carver outperformed Stock Nonwing and A-Class, adding nearly a third win in Nonwing Outlaw, but had to settle in second place at the event. did.

The race proved to be the story of the weak on the weekend, and Chris Carrol of Oklahoma denied Carrol his third victory.

The vulnerable theme, the last-minute decision to be in Oklahoma, continued for Mason Keefer, who dominated the 600cc modified.

To commemorate his first victory at the Tulsa Expo Raceway Clay, Keefer’s Golden Driller is the first person to travel to Arizona since 2001, when Brandon Young broke through the Stocklight Kart.

From the beginning, Jackson Wiggs kept pace on the field and won his first restricted A-class victory. Stalked by Austinwood, California throughout the race, the pair played bumper tags several times, but Illinois drivers remained out of phase.

Lucas Mauldin, who barely took the checkered flag before he needed to be careful, postponed the hard-charged Garrett Benson and was the third driver to win the Golden Driller at the Junior Sprint Tournament for years from California. became.

At the 36th Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, a total of 296 races were contested in four days. With the addition of winners, 364 drivers have won 596 Tulsa shootouts.

The 37th edition of Tulsa Shootout will be held from December 29th to January. 2 Tulsa Expo Raceway in the Reverse Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Details of the event will be posted shortly.

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Mall wins big at the 36th Tulsa shootout Mall wins big at the 36th Tulsa shootout

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