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Mammoth freighter transforms first 777 into cargo jet

Startup airline Mammoth Freighters LLC launched on Tuesday that Cargojet, a Canadian contract airline for Amazon, DHL Express and Purolator, placed an order to convert two Boeing 777-200 airliners to a full cargo configuration. Announced that.

The agreement is Cargo Jet (TSX: CJT) Raise the level of aircraft size. The 777 is a large, large aircraft capable of carrying approximately 103 tonnes of cargo, which is a significant amount for an e-commerce parcel. The Cargojet fleet has 28 freighters, most of which are medium-sized 767s that have been remodeled after discontinuing passenger service with other airlines.

Mammoth said the first plane will begin the conversion process in mid-2022 and will be delivered in late 2023, after receiving approval from the Federal Aviation Administration for a structural modification of the 777-200. rice field. For prototypes, the conversion process will take longer than future deliveries.

Assembly work includes plunging inside the plane, adding a rigid barrier to protect the cockpit, cutting the fuselage and adding large doors for pallets, and reinforcing the floor to support heavy cargo. It will be. For large airliners, this process usually takes five months.

The cargo jet has the option to convert two additional 777-300s and two 777-200s.

Cargojet provides outsourced transportation to North American carriers, as well as temporary, dedicated international charter services to airlines and freight carriers. It flies over £ 25 million in cargo each week.

MammothBased in Orlando, Florida, with the support of the Fortress Investment Group, it was founded in December last year but has been waiting until September. Announce business strategy.. Mammoth has acquired 10 777-200 long-haul aircraft from Delta Air Lines (NYSE: NYSE :). DAL). It provides customers with modified freighters that can fly immediately, or rebuilds planes offered by carriers and leasing companies.

Mammoth recently acquired a large stake in GDC Technics, a maintenance, repair and overhaul company with facilities in Fort Worth, Texas, and will install a conversion kit using Mammoth’s design.

The air cargo market is booming as the pandemic’s sluggish international passenger flights have reduced overall transportation space by approximately 15% to 20% compared to 2019 and eliminated most of the abdominal capacity. However, airworthiness planes are already flying. Double-digit growth in e-commerce has increased the demand for new aircraft sources, especially among express delivery companies and their partner carriers. Boeing predicts a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% for air cargo over the next 20 years.

The 777 passenger-to-freighter conversion allows carriers to add new capacity or replace aging freighters such as the 747-400 and MD-11.

The only 777 cargo ships currently in use are those manufactured by Boeing at the factory. Israel Aircraft Industries is developing a mods program and will deliver the first aircraft in 2023.

Conversion shops are booked for months or years as more activity gives older airliners a second life of cargo. Demanding planes include the Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A321 narrowbody, 767, and Airbus A330.

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Mammoth freighter transforms first 777 into cargo jet Mammoth freighter transforms first 777 into cargo jet

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