Mamoru Hosoda’s Bell will be screened at an American theater next year

Mamoru Hosoda Bell Next year, we’re heading to an American theater, and to celebrate the news, two new teasers have been released for the film.

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GKIDS announced on Tuesday that the official release date of the long-awaited movie will be January 14, 2022. The film has already been released in Japan and has rounds at various film festivals throughout the year in the hope of winning multiple award nominations. .. Bell Next year, it will be released in both the original Japanese and English dubbed versions.

The long-awaited anime film is Mamoru Hosoda’s ninth project following the 2018 Oscar-nominated film. Mirai.. Bell Described as a moving coming-of-age story told in a fantasy-filled visual style. The film follows a 17-year-old bell, a student who lives in a rural village with his father. One day, after entering the virtual world “LJ” with 5 billion members on the Internet, she meets a world-famous singer and embarks on various adventures.

The film is full of talent from around the world, including character designer Jin Kim, who has worked on classic Disney films such as: frozen When MoanaAnd Eric Wong, a British architect who helped create the world of “LJ” in the movie.

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Bell: Belle and Belle Princess Written and directed by Mamoru Hosoda. The movie crew includes character designer Jin Kim (frozen, Moana, Big hero 6), And the director of Cartoon Saloon’s Tom Moore and Ross Stewart (Wolfwalker). I will make it with Studio Chizu.

Like some of Hosoda’s previous works, such as Summer Wars and Digimon, it explores humanity’s relationship with the virtual world. Studio Chizu says, “… a story of hope and courage that inspires everyone in the world.”

Mamoru Hosoda’s Bell will be screened at an American theater next year

https://www.comingsoon.net/anime/news/1197353-mamoru-hosodas-belle-launches-in-american-theaters-next-year Mamoru Hosoda’s Bell will be screened at an American theater next year

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