Man loses $ 500,000 video game after mom kicks out video game

New Yorkers who used their parents’ homes to store a huge collection of video games suffered a terrible loss this week.

An employee of J & L Game, a game store based in New York, NY, noticed that his mother was throwing away a huge collection of games and hardware that she had kept at home.

“People die” employees Joke On Twitter. “A few years ago, I found a mom in every PS1 game. Over 500 games are still half-sealed. I’m going to kill someone.”

According to Twitter users, “games well over $ 500,000” have been abandoned since the last check-in to the collection. “I left the old one in the storage (mother’s house),” he explained. Twitter thread..

“Today she has abandoned my Ataris, Coleco, Intelli, NES, S NES, TGfx, PCE, NG AES, Megadrive, Master System, basically all the systems and games I didn’t have. understood.”

Clearouts also had non-gaming collateral, as if it wasn’t bad enough. “She also threw away my two Marshall stacks, 14 pedals, drum kits, boards and all my skateboards,” Thread continues.

Apparently, the comic collection was also thrown. What lessons should I learn here? If you have subscribed to the proven “Keep all old things in your parents’ home” method, discuss the value of your collection and its long-term plans openly.

Are you planning to sell? Do you want to donate? Do you keep it for sentimental value? If there is any tendency for its value, please let the person in charge of it know. That way, you’re less likely to make such a catastrophic mistake.

If you’re wondering about the collection’s estimated “$ 500,000” valuation, it’s worth finding out how much the original Neo Geo console is worth on a modern internet auction site …

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Man loses $500k of video games after mom chucks them out

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