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MAN prepares for the production of self-driving trucks

MAN Truck & Bus has successfully completed a joint project with partner Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), Hamburg Truck Pilot.

This is seen as an important milestone for the two companies involved in using self-driving trucks at port terminals for container transportation.

The purpose of the three-year project, which was also part of the strategic mobility partnership between the city of Hamburg and Volkswagen AG, is to develop and test autonomous trucks in container processing at the HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder (CTA). Was included.

During the actual trip, logistics partner Emden’s Spedition Jakob Weets eK first shipped a driver-managed 40-foot container to the CTA terminal at Hamburger Port on behalf of Volkswagen Group Logistics.

There, the truck autonomously crossed the terminal area and moved smoothly in mixed traffic with other road users. It drove to the destination in the block storage lane and also maneuvered backwards with high precision to the parking position.

After handling the container, the return trip to the checkgate was just as autonomous, and beyond the terminal grounds, the driver of the Jakob WeetseK carrier took full command again.

The results were presented by MAN Truck & Bus with HHLA at the ITS World Congress in October.

“Pilot projects like the Hamburg TruckPilot prove that the use of self-driving trucks is technically feasible and can be efficiently integrated into the logistics process,” said Dr. Frederiksome, a member of MAN’s R & D committee. Says.

“We are working closely with our customers and partners to test practical automation solutions with the goal of preparing self-driving trucks for continuous production from 2030,” he said.

HHLA CEO Angela Titzrath said working with MAN will continue to be an important and necessary step in shaping the future of freight transport.

“Self-driving is coming. We at HHLA are prepared for this. Logistics 4.0 offers opportunities on a global scale,” she said.

“To use them, we need to be open to change and show the courage to change. Self-driving and Hamburg TruckPilot are good examples of the transformation process we want to actively shape.”

The HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder was considered an ideal test environment for testing promising technologies, as the facility operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

However, given the mix of autonomous and traditional transport, the secure integration of autonomous trucks into the terminal process is a major challenge.

Under the conditions of the Hamburg Truck Pilot, both parties were able to show that the application was actually possible and promising.

Satisfied with the results of field tests at the Port of Hamburg, MAN Truck & Bus Project Manager Sebastian Völl — Hamburg Truck Pilot called it an important milestone in autonomous driving.

“When our prototype was first operated independently on the block storage lane, we found it to work and meet high precision requirements, as well as many other manually controlled tracks and sensor technologies. , Even when driving a terminal site using an environment detection and automation system, we are fully mastering the interaction, “he says.

“I was very proud of the whole team when the first container, which was actually loaded during the actual drive, was lifted from the chassis. This experience can be useful for future projects. “

MAN prepares for the production of self-driving trucks MAN prepares for the production of self-driving trucks

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