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The Premier League has changed the interpretation of the following offside laws: Manchester cityControversial opening goal Aston Villa last week.

RodriRun back from a clear offside position and win the ball Tyrone Mings Before setting Bernardo Silva Score. With a score of 0-0 in the 79th minute, the city reached an important point in the game. Continued to win 2-0..

But now the Premier League admits that allowing goals in such situations is not the spirit of the game as the law intended.

After the match, the Premier League said, “Rodri has not gained an advantage. He has not committed an offside attack, so he must continue playing. Rodri legally steals the ball from Mins, launches the attack and finishes. I decided .. “

Allowing a goal, a decision confirmed by the VAR, sparks significant debate and debate, which the Premier League refereeing body, Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL), explains to FIFA. I will ask for. Association Board (IFAB), and UEFA.

A Premier League statement released on Tuesday “The spirit and intent of the law is best reflected in future decision-making,” he said. In other words, how players get involved in the game from an offside standpoint is of utmost importance.

The IFAB said, “If a player in an offside position has an immediate effect on the opponent who intentionally played the ball, the players in the match should prioritize challenging the opponent. Offside attacks should be punished for affecting an opponent’s ability to play the ball by interfering with the opponent. “

This means that by challenging Mins for the ball, Rodri should be given offside and another similar case will be punished in the future.

The Premier League has confirmed that it is correct to allow Aston VillaFirst goal for Newcastle United Saturday, Fabian shareMiscued clearance of the ball OLAP Watkins Score.

This is the second time the Premier League has had to relax the interpretation of the law. After a flood of handball decisions at the beginning of the season..

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Manchester Goal vs Aston Villa was offside, Premier League admits Manchester Goal vs Aston Villa was offside, Premier League admits

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