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Newcastle, UK-At the end of the week of uncertainty and turmoil due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, some things never change: Manchester city Still at the top Premier League When Newcastle United Josep Guardiola’s team 4-0 wins At St. James’s Park on Sunday.

But life in the Premier League is not as business as it always is. The CEOs of 20 clubs will meet on Monday to discuss the COVID-19 crisis that is affecting not only England’s top divisions, but the entire UK.What is the beginning of the surge in positive cases over the past week, according to government medical and scientific advisers? Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that it would be a wave of infection As a result of the emergence of the Omicron variant.

Sources told ESPN that Premier League emergency measures will fight the outbreak of positive tests. A series of recent postponements The percentage of top flight players vaccinated is relatively low (68% as of October, the latest data available, but sources say that numbers haven’t improved much in the next two months. Is the issue of the agenda. Rather than voting on whether to suspend the fixtures following 10 COVID-19-related postponements since last Sunday.

There’s nothing off the table, so it’s only time to see if the normally crowded Christmas match list is on schedule, or if the Premier League goes into some sort of hibernation days and weeks ahead. I understand. Even if the game continues Unconfirmed report of imminent government restrictions on social gatherings It could lead to the Premier League playing in a closed room again until the situation improves.

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The football situation is currently unknown, and in its uncertainties, the worrisome postponements that contribute to the disjointed appearance of the Premier League table have compromised the integrity of the league itself. Concerns are growing.

Prior to the match, Newcastle manager Eddie Howe expressed concern that the league would continue as the list of matches was very confusing. “When the league falls apart, when you lose something because the game wasn’t played, I think the league really loses something,” Howe said. “I think we can’t play half and we can’t play half, whether or not they all go ahead.”

Newcastle is currently playing 18 games, Burnley, The place one above the table has only played 15 times due to the postponement. Two times for COVID-19 and one time for snow. Meanwhile, Citi played two games and won in less than a week, scoring 11 goals in the process. This will keep the title going well and escape the threat of fixture congestion later in the season.

in the meantime, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Leicester city When Brentford Over the past week, COVID-19 has caused one or more games to be canceled and forced to catch up.

and, Chelsea, Lost 4 points by drawing the last two games after being forced to play without a few senior players Everton When Wolverhampton Wanderers Because of a virus. Chelsea tried to postpone the trip to the wolf on Sunday but failed-it ended in a 0-0 draw-meaning Thomas Tuchel could only nominate four outfielders in Molino To do.

“We applied not to play and controlled the situation, but it was rejected,” he said. “I’m worried from a medical point of view, but I got a positive test for four days in a row. How do I get off when I get on the bus or have a meeting together? I’m disappointed. I’m a little angry. “

After the match Tuhel added to his comment He suggested that the Carabao Cup quarterfinals against Brentford on Wednesday could be at risk.

“If we have tomorrow, the next test and the next positive, we want to talk about what they expect from the Premier League,” Tuhel said. “If they let us play against Brentford, wouldn’t we arrive or train? What should we do?

“Everyone is allowed to have an opinion. We have an opinion and the Premier League has an opinion. We agree not to agree.”

Liverpool Forced to play against Tottenham on Sunday, four players were excluded due to COVID. The day before Leeds United We played against each other and lost 4-1. Arsenal On Saturday, 10 players were unavailable due to an injury and the postponement could not be requested because the absence was not related to COVID. This nuance makes the Premier League treat injuries and illnesses differently. Premier League rules require a team to play a game if it can have 14 players on the field.

Also, some players who did not have a COVID but were forced to quarantine for 10 days because they were not vaccinated were in good physical condition, healthy, and excluded for personal choice. There is also concern that it will be counted as one of the players that cannot be used. Get vaccinated. Some clubs have almost 100% vaccination status within the team, while others are less successful and can lead to intense disagreements during the stakeholders meeting on Monday. Sources say it will be a problem.

Among so many issues, there is no easy way out of the current COVID situation that Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp admitted before the team’s match at Tottenham.

“I think we have to get over this, but if we lose another player and another next week, that’s impossible,” Klopp said. “No one can push these things forward. It’s really difficult right now. [the players] Yesterday will be positive. We are happy to talk and play with humans, but we need help. “

Most Premier League teams and managers have enough problems to deal with without the impossible task of trying to navigate the path through COVID-19. For Newcastle and Howe, every game is a big enough challenge in itself. They lost in Liverpool on Thursday and were beaten by the city, so at least the game will only be easier.

But Sunday’s results were never doubted by the city captain. Ruben Dias Five minutes later he led his team to the lead. Further goals from João Cancelo, Riyad Mahrez When Raheem Sterling With a comfortable victory, he led the city to the 105 league goal in 2021. This surpassed the 1929 top flight record of 104.

Currently, Citi has two more league games to add to its tally by the end of 2021, but one of the things Guardiola and his players can’t control is that COVID-19 keeps those games on schedule. Is it possible?

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Manchester, Newcastle shows the issue of integrity with the Premier League COVID Manchester, Newcastle shows the issue of integrity with the Premier League COVID

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