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Manchester, England –Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will tell you Manchester United I haven’t been at the top very much this season.One of the reasons is Anthony Martial.. So it’s a good sign that it was the French who scored their first beat goal on the first day of the year when they were able to create the first title challenge of the post-Alex Ferguson era. Aston Villa 2-1 At Old Trafford.

Solskjaer needed something else Bruno Fernandes Impressive performance from the penalty, three good saves from David De Gea Paul Pogba Heroic block from Eric Bailly With 5 minutes of downtime to get over the line, but his team is now at the level with points Liverpool At the top of the table after 16 games. At the very least, United gave them the chance to win the title No. 21 in 2021.

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Marshall’s goal just before half-time was his second in the Premier League this season, waiting for his first goal until December. After the project restart last season, United finished in 3rd place and he averaged every other game to ensure his return to the Champions League. Much longer title fee.

When a reporter began asking “probably not going to talk about the title” at a post-match press conference, Solskger immediately replied, “That’s right.”

Norwegians are not the type to pick players at press conferences, but Marshall has been the subject of many gentle nudges. Solskger said he was “going to him” about running statistics during the match, especially last season to increase the type of “striker goals” he regularly collected when he was an Old Trafford player. Prompted to Marshall.

Marshall’s goal here, for the fifth time in all competitions this season, was exactly that type, finding space between the center backs across the front post. Tyrone Mings And Ezri Konsa Head to Aaron Wan Bisaka’s Low Cross. Solskger, Ruud van Nistelrooy, or Dwight Yorke would have been proud of the goal that arrived at Old Trafford with a cleaner seat than any other team in the league.

“I love diving headers,” Solskjaer later said. “Anthony will get better and will get better. He had a chance this season. He still has a chance but no luck. Tonight, see a better version of Anthony who is more confident. It was. “

The start of the season was difficult after Marshall won a three-game ban on the red card, which lost 6-1. Tottenham Hotspur In October and December, I suffered an inguinal injury. When refitted, he slowly finds three-goal shoot boots in the last six games, after scoring only two times in the last 19 club and country appearances. United should run Liverpool nearby if he can get close to the 17 league goals he scored last season.

“We had some chats, and we talked about last season and how important he was then and now,” Solskjaer said. “A good player knows that the form is temporary, but he has proved his class and will get better and better.”

It’s also useful when your major playmaker is contributing every time you play.Late Fernandez Penalty Bertrand Traoré Portugal’s midfielder has scored his 19th goal in 30 Premier League appearances since arriving from Sporting Lisbon. Since Fernandez’s debut on February 1, 2020, no team has scored any more points.

After losing Arsenal On November 1st, United were undefeated in 10 games, scoring 26 points from the last 30 games with 8 wins and 2 draws. The January 17 trip to Liverpool is already visible as one of the most important league matches United has been involved with since Ferguson retired in 2013.

“It’s a big difference from 12 months ago and we’re very happy with where we are,” Solskger said. “You may lose your chance to compete in the title race in the first 10 games. It’s a good position, but we need to get better. If we can win a game like tonight, it makes a big difference.”

Solskger is not ready to admit that United is an obstacle to Liverpool in regaining the Premier League trophies. The match in Anfield lasts just over two weeks and is a great way to determine if their challenge is fleeting or more robust. But for now, United is in the best position since last season on New Year’s Day, and Solskger claims that more will come, especially from Marshall.

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Manchester United could turn out to be Liverpool’s biggest threat in the title race if Marshall continues to score Manchester United could turn out to be Liverpool’s biggest threat in the title race if Marshall continues to score

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