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Manchester United Boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer said he couldn’t “counterfeit” players because he had planned for the New Year.

Solskger led United to second place at the Premier League table, three points behind the leader Liverpool After playing 9 undefeated games, get the game.

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Towards 2021, they may still lift four trophies, and Solskjaer suggests that players who lack commitment, regardless of name or price tag, will notice the cold.

“We are competing for the place, which means we can’t fake our way as part of this team,” said Solskger. “You just deserve to join the team you contribute to.

“Everyone knows that we are part of Manchester United, a great club with a great history. Enjoy as much as you can when you are here. You may have a great time.

“You have the following winners Juan Mata And Nemanamatic.. They don’t play all games, but they have a lot of influence during the game when they’re not playing, as well as accumulating in groups and games. “

Solskjaer used 20 different players to navigate a tough Christmas fixture list. Norwegians will make further changes to the 5th place player. Aston VillaFriday trip to Old Trafford.

“We have a strong team and have done a lot of rotations,” Solskger said. “I don’t think this will happen this season anyway, so we don’t really call it Settlement XI.

“It’s about the team. It’s going to be about 25 players. Players have to get angry with me until the next play, because believe me, they’re happy when I tell them Not because. Start on the bench. I think it will help us towards the end of the season. “

In the match against Villa, Solskger will play against a player who wanted to take him to the club. Jack Grealish..The· England International has already scored five goals and six assists this season and was in top shape the last time they played at Old Trafford, scoring a staggering goal a year ago with a 2-2 draw.

“He’s an Aston Villa and England player and has only improved,” Solskger added. “I don’t want to say much about players on other teams, but of course he is a player we know we have to look for.

“The goal he scored last season was a great goal, and I faced him enough times to know that it would be a difficult game.”

Meanwhile, the Premier League has United rescheduled matches. Burnley From the opening weekend on January 12th.

The Solskger side was unable to attend the opening weekend in September as it participated in the Europa League knockout stage last season, which ended in August due to the suspension of COVID-19.

The trip to Turf Moor is United’s last Premier League match before the trip to Anfield against Liverpool on January 17th.

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Manchester United players can no longer be “counterfeited” Manchester United players can no longer be “counterfeited”

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