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West Ham is reportedly considering lowering the asking price of Manchester United’s target Declan Rice.

Due to the full swing of the transfer window, it seems that not many new players will come to Old Trafford on the last day of the window, despite all the rumors about the types of players Ole Gunnar Solskjaer can sign.

However, United is already planning a summer window, and Signature and Rice, who may arrive under the legendary Reds boss, have been on the Red Devil radar since last summer.

United was very interested in securing a transfer deal for Rice, but Hammer wanted a huge £ 80m for the player they became one of the best players to close the deal. It was often reported that the Premier League could not.

However, according to the Guardian, Hammers’ big wigs may be willing to sell England for £ 50 million at the end of the season, and West Ham valuates players due to the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis. It is reported that they are thinking of reducing it.

The potential new price is £ 30m cheaper than last summer’s asking price, which United will be happy to accommodate.

You see, we’re big fans of Declan Rice, and he believes he’s getting too good at the current club, so when the summer window opens, he needs to leave the club. You need to judge.

Is Manchester United a good choice?

With all the midfielders they are in the club, he will have a hard time influencing immediately, but given that he is better than most of that midfield, he goes That might be a very good sign of £ 50m.

Summer should be very exciting, as big deals are much more likely to take place. It’s intriguing to see if rice is part of it.

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Manchester United said £ 50m could pay for rice Manchester United said £ 50m could pay for rice

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