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Manchester United went on to yet another semi-final, beating Everton 2-0 at Goodison Park.

Just like beating rival Leeds on the weekend, Manchester United They started at a desperate pace as they pushed Everton into many mistakes behind them.

However, they were unable to force the opening during the early days of domination, and Carlo Ancelotti’s side eventually gained a foothold in the game as the interval approached.

The second half was a much more reluctant and somewhat sloppy event, but as is often the case, Manchester United left late to ensure victory and then booked their place in the last four games.

Anthony Martial fell into space to pick up the ball, and the French slipped it into the path of Edinson Cavani, which was flowing to the right. The Uruguayans stepped in and unleashed a nice effort from the edge of the box, weakening their left foot, apparently past Robin Olsen at Toffey’s goal.

Added 5 minutes downtime, Everton They searched for an equalizer and sent it to a penalty shootout, but their slow adventure only offered United three slow chances, but the last chance was to give it to Marshall after Marcus Rashford led the counterattack. Lay off. Game kick.

United boss Solskger then admitted that his team should have disappeared after the “great” match began.

“I don’t know what will happen in football. The first goal is always to change the game. As long as we are in the game, I know my agent can come and influence Was, Luke [Shaw] There are aspects of strength and power down, so I tried to trade the dynamics of the game.

“The first 20-25 minutes was a very good start. We had to score a few goals because it was great. They made some good saves and good just before halftime. We had spells, but in the last 20 minutes or so we played well.

“It was sometimes a cage-flowing back there, attacking and defending, but you’re always confident if it opens a bit at our pace.

“”[Edinson] Cavani was supposed to score three points in the first half, but he was a top striker and his movement, quality and goals were excellent. “

Manchester United made it to the Carabao Cup, FA Cup and Europa League semi-finals last season, but failed to make it to the finals of any of the tournaments.

TheΒ· Result draw I saw them paired again Manchester city In the last four repeats of last season. The Norwegians admitted that losing in the semi-finals was worse than losing in the finals when asked about the possibility of his side winning silverware.

“When we defend well, we know we have players to win the game. The spirit at the camp is good, and winning gives you energy and boost, so on Boxing Day Head positive.

“The semi-finals can be worse than the finals because it’s the worst time to lose a match and get out of the match.”

Next to the Red Devils is an early kick-off with Boxing Day’s top four rivals, Leicester City.

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Manchester United spirit ahead of Manchester Derby Manchester United spirit ahead of Manchester Derby

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