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Manchester United Scott McTominay’s goal in overtime won 1-0, reaching the FA Cup quarterfinals for the seventh consecutive year. West Ham United on Tuesday.

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There were few precious opportunities during normal time in Old Trafford, and both sides lacked sparks in a disastrous fifth round clash.

However, McTominay finally relieved his boredom in the 97th minute with a sharp low shot from Marcus Rashford’s clever setup.

United missed Bruno Fernandes’ creative talent off the bench on the 73rd, but they made the only real chance at normal times and made good saves from Victor Lindelof and Rashford.

West Ham, who is still looking for David Moyes’ first win at Old Trafford as a hostile manager, creates almost nothing, although Craig Dawson couldn’t connect to the header in front of the goal in the usual last few seconds. did not do it.

Visitors did not help the injury as Issa Diop, who replaced Angelo Ogbonna early on, was forced to leave the pitch after hitting Anthony Martial in the head.

Diop was replaced by Ryan Fredericks, a “concussion substitute” in half-time. It was the first substitute for British football since the beginning of a new rule designed to keep players safe.

This was one of the few issues in the game that couldn’t meet pre-match bills.

“I think I got 15 to 17 shots in the end, but I need to be more clinical,” said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, United’s manager.

“I had to finish the game early and finish it in 90 minutes, but sometimes that doesn’t happen.

“It was sluggish today, so I needed good results and a good feeling. Everton game. It’s hard to take, but they really focused their work. “

The Solskger side, who granted the final equalizer to Premier League visitor Everton on Saturday, dominated ownership, but struggled to do much with it.

Fabiansky succeeded in directing Lindelof’s header to the post in the first half and responded brilliantly in the second half to suffocate Rashford’s efforts.

Solskger eventually sent influential midfielder Fernandez to try to shake things up, but it was fellow deputy McTominay who tied the tie.

When Declan Rice let go of the ball with a rare West Ham advance, United soared forward with Fred’s cross and was eventually half-cleared by Rashford.

West Ham puffed with Huff, but didn’t seem to drag his tie into the penalty shootout.

“It was really difficult because the players played so well,” Moyes said.

“I lost a few players during the match, which was difficult. I don’t think it’s worth losing the match. I guaranteed a chance to go for a penalty kick.”

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Manchester United vs. West Ham United-Football Match Report-February 9, 2021 Manchester United vs. West Ham United-Football Match Report-February 9, 2021

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