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It’s an interesting time now at Manchester United. Ralf Rangnick is trying to spread new ideas when the team’s performance is generally declining.

Given that nearly half of the 2021/22 season hasn’t been played yet, the Red Devils are certainly not out of sight as long as they finish at the Champions League location.

However, in a way that looks disjointed under the new management structure with little or no consistency on the pitch, United is placed as an outsider in a group of four teams in and around the fourth spot, including West Ham. Must be done. , Arsenal and Tottenham – at the moment.

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It’s clear that decisions that will have a positive impact on the teams later in the campaign need to be made in January, which makes Donny van de Beek’s situation even more amazing.

Young Dutch have rarely appeared in clubs since signing from Ajax, the mastermind behind the Champions League semi-finals.

Given a series of games in the Theater of Dreams, it’s no wonder he was able to regain that stunning shape.

It seems very unlikely now Manchester Evening News Players reported that it was offered to both Newcastle United and Borussia Dortmund.

Of course, any deal requires Ralf Rangnick’s approval, but if the manager didn’t intend to play an aggressive midfielder, it makes little sense to see him corrupt as a bystander.

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Manchester United’s amazing van de beak decision Manchester United’s amazing van de beak decision

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