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Monaco was very confident Anthony Martial Destined to the top when a 19-year-old striker was allowed to participate Manchester United The first € 49 million in 2015 included a clause guaranteeing an additional € 10 million if he created the Ballon d’Or candidate list. But six and a half years later, Martial was frozen in Old Trafford. As he published it He wants to leave it in the transfer window in January. His promise remains unfulfilled and his Ballon d’Or bonus remains unpaid.

It reached points when he was removed from the team for a 1-0 victory Aston Villa No one bothered to ask why in the third round of the FA Cup on Monday night.The MUTV presenter, who asked interim manager Ralf Rangnick before the kick-off, was more interested in the whereabouts of the defenders. Phil Jones, I’ve played once in the last two years.

On Saturday, Marshall was left behind for a repeat trip to the villa, this time in the Premier League.Ralf Rangnick Marshall said he didn’t want to be part of the team, Marshall argued strongly. “I never refuse to play for Manchester United,” he wrote on social media. At another press conference on Tuesday, Rangnick said after a clear discussion between the two, the issue was resolved and he did not rule out offering Marshall another chance. He has already burned out a lot during his time at Old Trafford.

Everything got off to a good start as we left the bench in Manchester United’s debut match. Liverpool Scored in front of the Stretto Ford End. Alongside Wembley’s last-minute winner against Everton in the FA Cup semi-finals later in the season, it remains one of the only handful of otherwise overwhelming Manchester United career highlights.

Still, there is a persistent feeling that there are untapped players somewhere, even though there are only 26 people. Sources have told ESPN that United hasn’t ruled out leaving Marshall this month, but there remains concern that if everything goes in place, it could ultimately cause embarrassment. ing.

Marshall has all the skills required by an accomplished forward. Former directors Jose Mourinho and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer both considered Marshall to be the best finisher in the club. For some Old Trafford players, it remains a mystery why he couldn’t reach all that potential. Several former United teammates remember that he was a “far” character in the dressing room. His training and performance in games depends on whether he came to work with a smile.

When Mourinho took over in the summer of 2016, it took until September to determine that Marshall lacked the necessary attitude and concentration.Sources close to Marshall claim that Mourinho did not solve the problem by allowing the new signature. Zlatan Ibrahimovic I will bring a French No. 9 shirt without consultation. It prompted speculation that he was about to leave-something that bothered Mourinho.

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Mourinho said in January 2017, “Anthony needs to listen to me, not an agent. He needs to listen to me. Every day training with all the feedback I give to improve the players. I need to listen to me. “

Mourinho eventually lost patience, and in the summer of 2018, the club should consider raising strikers and raising additional funding to strengthen other areas of the team to Vice President Ed Woodward. Said. Woodward declined and Mourinho was convinced that the decision was made because owner Joel Glazer once said Marshall was his favorite player.



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Solskjaer tried another approach, making Martial one of his main players and returning him a number nine shirt. Romelu Lukaku I left to join Inter Milan in 2019. That seemed to work, and Marshall scored 23 goals as Solskuger’s first choice center in all tournaments of the 2019-20 season. Injuries and suspension were confused last season, but sources told ESPN that he had returned to focused pre-season training to fit last summer- Cristiano Ronaldo A few weeks later he resigned the club and pushed Marshall back to the fringe with Jadon Sancho’s arrival of € 85 million. Some members of the coaching staff reported that Marshall’s behavior had changed significantly after Ronaldo’s addition.

Fast-forwarding six months, Marshall hasn’t played for United since early December.Just before Christmas, he spoke to Rangnick He wants to leave.. He hasn’t joined the team in any of the last eight games Sevilla Have was denied.. United is demanding a loan fee, which is a problematic requirement given that it earns more a week than Mohamed Salah in Liverpool to cover all of Marshall’s wages. He has signed another year’s option in Old Trafford until 2024, and the club isn’t trying to get him cheap, whether he wants to go there or not. Sources have told ESPN that his preference is to move to Italy or Spain, but so far there has been minimal interest.

The concern now is that players who once compared their playstyles with Arsenal legend Thierry Henry will return to an ambiguous state as the subject of those “what happened” stories. After all, Marshall wasn’t very well known in the UK before moving to United, so when the news of his arrival was first reported, Wayne Rooney Flying back from the Swansea match, googled Marshall’s name and asked his international French teammates. Morgan Schnederlin For more information.

Sources have told ESPN that Rangnick is ready to bring Marshall back to the team when the future is clear. He could play an important role later in the season. It will be another turnaround of a career that already had many ups and downs. But he lacks time to prove that he can do as well as United (and Monaco) relied on.

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Manchester United’s Anthony Martial lacks time to turn his career around Manchester United’s Anthony Martial lacks time to turn his career around

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