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If Manchester United can’t create a bunker spirit over the next few weeks, this season could be another amortization for Red Devils.

Returning to the basics is now a prerequisite for clubs that seem to be constantly failing from one disaster to another.

Player anxiety seems to be a major concern and may be affecting the first team on the pitch every week.

It, or the overwhelming appointment of the supposed savior, Ralf Rangnick.

At least at Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, I knew that the club was getting the support of the players, even if the results didn’t meet the expected standards.

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At Rangnick, everything looks flat and uninteresting, with no real urgency from the team. It’s as if they were boring and unmotivated.

It is clear that if Rangnick makes the expected move upstairs, anyone brought in must be exactly the right appointment. There can be no more mistakes in that regard.

Then via the news Corriere della sportsUnited’s courtship with Inter Milan’s manager Simone Inzaghi shows that Red Devils haven’t learned their lessons yet.

The Italian certainly has an enviable record in Serie A, but it’s his domain. The league he is completely familiar with.

In fact, the league he hasn’t deviated from throughout his playing and managing career.

Parachuting him into a brand new league and demonstrating a clear lack of planning and foresight from the club under the scrutiny faced by United.

At least in Mauricio Pochettino, much of the foundation work has already been done and the Argentines are much better suited at this point.

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Manchester United’s approach surprises new business candidates Manchester United’s approach surprises new business candidates

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