Manchester United’s David de Gia digs up teammates for a “confused” defeat to Watford – Soccer Sports

Manchester United Goalkeeper David de Gia was torn by his teammates after suffering an “embarrassing” 4-1 defeat. Watford Saturday was followed by a poor form on the side.

United’s defeat as captain on Saturday has plunged into the worst top flight loss to the newly promoted side since 1989. Harry Maguire As a result of further pressure on the boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, he was sent off late.

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De Gea, who saved two penalties on the opening stage of the game, put his teammates in responsibility. Teammates have lost four of the last five Premier League games.

“I don’t have much to say. It was embarrassing to see Manchester United play as it is today,” De Gia told Sky Sports in a post-match interview.

“Our play and practices are unacceptable. It’s easy to blame managers and staff, but sometimes we blame players. We need to show more than we do.

“It’s embarrassing in the first half. I was able to allow four goals in 45 minutes. It was hard to see the team playing today. It was a nightmare one after another. It’s unacceptable.

“We’re trying our best to fight for the team, but certainly something is very wrong. You can see it in the game-it’s very low level and very poor. I’m sorry to the fans again.

“I’m in a difficult time and always believe in myself, but there are difficult times when I have to strengthen my mind and body. We play for United and do better than that. I’m getting paid.

“This isn’t the way Manchester United or we should play. It’s hard to say more.

“It’s been very bad for a long time. Clubs like Manchester United have to fight for trophies and for big things. To be honest, it’s far from that. Let’s see. We’re working hard. We have to keep working and stick together .. We always say the same thing, but that’s true. We have to look at ourselves and see where we can improve. “

Goal from the striker Joshua King And forward Ismaïla Sarr Watford meant entering a half-time break with a well-earned lead.United Midfielder Donny van de Beek When he came out of the bench and nodded to the empty net in the 50th minute, he had a glimpse of hope on his side.

However, Van de Beak’s goal was nothing more than comfort as Watford’s striker. João Pedro When Emmanuel Dennis Added two more downtime to end all suspicions.

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Manchester United’s David de Gia digs up teammates for a “confused” defeat to Watford Manchester United’s David de Gia digs up teammates for a “confused” defeat to Watford

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