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Manchester, England –Ole Gunnar Solskjaer before the Carabao Cup semifinals Manchester city “There is no excuse” if: Manchester United Did not reach the first final of his reign, and he is right. 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford For Norwegians who know how important it is to raise their first trophy as a manager, they will find themselves missing a big opportunity. I will keep waiting.

United kicked off with a full-fledged team and started by watching them reach the top of the Premier League table.Meanwhile, the city did not have major players, including first-choice goalkeepers. Ederson And although recognized as a center forward, it was Pep Guardiola’s team that was able to reach the Carabao Cup final four times in a row. It’s been 1,533 days since we played against Jose Mourinho’s United in October 2016 and ended up drawing in this tournament.

For Solskjaer’s United, after losing three last season, it will end in four consecutive semi-finals. Even with significant progress since United lost to Citi in the Carabao Cup semifinals a year ago, he doesn’t want his team to be almost permanent to men.

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“We played against a very good Manchester City team. They played well,” Solskger later said. “When they play well, you have to play very well to beat them. We lacked that little bit.

“We’re getting closer. This is a much better United version of those cicadas than a year ago. It’s not psychological. [losing in four semifinals].. Sometimes you meet a good team in the semifinals. At this point, I thought Citi was probably the best team in England. “

The results cannot be discussed.

City substitute keeper Zack Steffen Asked to make one important savings from Bruno Fernandes 8 minutes, otherwise America International had front row seats for a smooth performance from visitors. Ilkay Gundoan And Phil Foden Both excluded offside goals within 25 minutes and in the meantime Kevin De Bruyne Thunder a shot from inside Dean HendersonPost.

After that John stones Bundled with the first goal since the 2018 World Cup, Henderson had to make two great saves to lead the city in the second half, one throwing himself towards the top corner. Riyad Mahrez -To maintain United’s interest. Fernandinho He finished the 7 minutes with a shot that slipped into the corner from 20 yards.

A frosty night in Manchester, it’s a check of United’s cold reality and before an important week for their up-and-coming title challenge Burnley And Liverpool..

For Citi, last week reminded me of their quality in a timely manner. They closed the training grounds due to the outbreak and reduction of the number of coronaviruses, but have managed a comprehensive victory at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford for the past four days. Guardiola said this week he hopes the best teams will find consistency later in the season. City seems to be gearing in just the right time.

The victory here was achieved without Ederson. Kyle Walker, Aymeric Laporte, Rodri, Bernardo Silva, Ferran Torres, Gabriel Jesus Or Sergio Aguero At start XI. Of the members of the team Ruben DiasFormer United target Stephen, it was enough to shoot two shots at the target all night.

“The team was ready and had a great performance,” said Guardiola, who dedicated the results to the city’s legendary Colin Bell, who died on Tuesday. “I was a little depressed in the second half. I was tired after the match at Stamford Bridge, but if the team has this spirit, it can be great. I made it to the final four times in a row instead of the Champions League. .I was very impressed.

“It’s about consistency. It takes a bit of time because we didn’t have the right preseason, but I think we’re already there.”

In contrast, United acknowledged two sloppy goals, both from set pieces.

“Manchester City can score many great goals,” said Solskger. “You can accept it. It’s very disappointing when admitting two simple set plays. It’s not enough for those moments.

“We didn’t create big enough opportunities. They didn’t. We didn’t have the special finesse we got in recent games. It wasn’t enough today.”

United finds itself at an important milestone in the season. It quickly bounced off Burnley and Liverpool, and this result is forgotten in the wave of title talk. In addition, some disappointing results and promising campaigns seem to have been unveiled.

Next week is another opportunity for Solskger. After playing against Citi, he wouldn’t want to miss another.

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Manchester United’s defeat in the Carabao Cup semi-finals missed a big chance against the depleted Manchester United Manchester United’s defeat in the Carabao Cup semi-finals missed a big chance against the depleted Manchester United

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