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Manchester, England-Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is accustomed to being humiliated by Old Trafford’s touchlines.Two weeks after being ridiculed Liverpool Fans losing 5-0 home to Liverpool, Manchester United The manager was once again ridiculed Manchester city Supporters when his team lost overall 2-0 against local rivals on Saturday.

Solskger is a decent man who gained the love of United supporters while playing in the club, “five more years” and “I give us a wave!” But owned by the Glazer family, United. If he, and vice chairman Ed Woodward, take the time to rule Solskger as a 35-month coach and become ruthless during the next international break, the 48-year-old will be dragged on, like this. You’ll experience more of the day, when his players can’t compete with top-class opponents and his tactical shortcomings are revealed by elite coaches such as Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp.

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United and Guardiola were completely overtaken by City and Guardiola on Saturday. The final score could have been 2-0, but without the goalkeeper hero it could have been another 5-0. David de gea.. “I used to get nervous and sick, but now it only happens in Anfield,” a senior in Citi told ESPN before the match. I didn’t have to worry again this time.

Since losing to Liverpool, United has won in Tottenham and Atalanta In the Champions League (thanks to the last minute) Cristiano Ronaldo Equalizer) And was defeated by the city and returned to school. If you beat the Spurs, but losing to Liverpool and City is enough for Glazers and Woodward, it indicates where the bar is currently set in Old Trafford. But in reality, it hasn’t changed for the past two years, and the club’s decision to hand over a new three-year contract to Solskger in July builds on the declining standards that are currently in place.

“Under my leadership, we are more confident that we are heading in the right direction,” Woodward said on the day Solskger signed his new contract.

Solskger wasn’t able to give United a trophy or challenge the Premier League title when he signed the deal, but that was enough for Woodward and the owner. But what progress has Solskjaer made, and are they really approaching the challenge of success? This season’s results suggest that this is not the case, but it’s an established pattern.

Since January 1, 2020, United has lost 10 Premier League games at Old Trafford, scoring 56 points at home during that period. This is, at a distance, the worst home record of the so-called Big Six Club.Citi with Liverpool before Saturday’s match Chelsea Both have scored 67 points on the home ground.With Spurs ArsenalOn the other hand, both have scored 61 points in front of their fans.

United did not embark on an undefeated runaway in 29 games. Leicester city Last month, the results of their home would certainly put Solskger under more scrutiny.

Their home record for Big Six is ​​another indicator of Solskger’s shortcomings as a winning coach. Since January 1, 2020, they have scored only 5 points out of 27 possibilities against their Big Six rivals in Old Trafford. They are at the bottom of the Big Six table, four points behind Chelsea, and City, Spurs and Arsenal all score 16 points each other in home games.

Incredibly, 21% of United’s home defeats during the Premier League were under Solskger’s control. And they haven’t maintained a clean sheet at home in 14 games of all tournaments-the second worst home run in club history. While these statistics criticize Solskger’s credentials, the United hierarchy continues to suggest that he is the best person to do the job.

It’s hard to know how Glazers justifies patience with the manager, as there are no trophies, the house has a gloomy shape, and the title wants to disappear for the next season. ESPN reported that after Liverpool’s defeat, some members of Solskger’s squad were not convinced by the manager’s tactical capabilities. Since then, the results have had little indication that the Norwegians have beaten the skeptics.

United’s performance against the city was very passive, as if they knew they had little chance of winning. And when they are late in 7 minutes, Eric Bailly Flicking João Cancelo’s cross to an own goal revealed that United couldn’t win.Bernard Shiva’s half-time stroke goal Luke Shaw When Harry Maguire The deep cross Portugal International, simply confirmed city victory for easy tap-in at distant posts.

Guardiola’s team had 68% ownership in 90 minutes. United has achieved only one goal.In fact, they did more than finally test de Gea Ederson, When Victor Lindelof With a miss kick saved by De Gear, Bailly and his goal almost joined.

It was a mess and grew up when Solskger threw a substitute. Jadon Sancho In half-time, the right wing was removed from the left position and deployed, but it is unified under the Solskger. There is no recognizable plan or direction. When you play against top teams and coaches, everything collapses.

Owners and Woodward may already be aware of this, but there are no signs of any changes yet. The drift will continue until the top four begin to disappear on the horizon, but by then it’s too late and United’s treads will pass the next season.

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Manchester United’s post-defeat Manchester Fatigue continues until the end of Solskger’s term Manchester United’s post-defeat Manchester Fatigue continues until the end of Solskger’s term

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