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Manchin urges suspension with $ 3.5 trillion bill

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Senator Joe Manchin is demanding a “strategic suspension” to act on President Joe Biden’s economic agenda, with a $ 3.5 trillion tax to be promoted by Democratic leaders in Congress this fall. It can jeopardize your spending package.

West Virginia Democrats are an important vote in the evenly divided Senate, said at events in their home states on September 1st and 2nd. The Wall Street Journal editorial Rising inflation and a surge in government bonds require a slower approach and a “significantly” smaller plan than those approved by democratic leaders and the White House.

“By putting a strategic pause on this budget and significantly reducing the size of possible reconciliation bills to just what the United States can afford and need to spend, we are better for all families. , You can build a stronger country in the editorial.

Manchin’s resistance to the core of Biden’s economic plan is for the White House, which has tackled the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the resurrected pandemic, and the massive hurricane that paved the way for death and damage from Louisiana to New York. Closing a politically painful month.

In a comment on September 1 at an event hosted by the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, a moderate Democrat said his party “should press the pause button.” He said lawmakers had many other pressing issues, including growing national security concerns after the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan.

“Let’s sit down. Let’s take a look. There’s a lot on our table,” he said.

Manchin’s comment is when Senate and House Democratic leaders and committee chairs consider the details of the economic package with the goal of passing parliament through parliament shortly after parliamentarians return from leave in late September. Will be issued to. All members of the Senate Democratic Assembly must support measures to obtain the 51 votes required to pass, and Vice President Kamala Harris provided a tiebreaker vote.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment on Manchin’s request, and White House spokesman Jen Psaki did not immediately provide comment.

Parliamentary Progressive Caucus Chairman Pramirajayapal replied on Twitter, “Absolutely not” to the idea of ​​Manchin’s suspension.

Spending packages also face obstacles within the house. If Republicans are united in the opposition, Democrats are only allowed asylum in the room for three people. Also, some moderate Democrats are barking at the size of the package being created.

Manchin also called on the Senate to pass a $ 550 billion bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by the Senate within a few weeks. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been progressively promised to marry the bill in a conference room with a much larger tax and spending package only for the Democratic Party, although infrastructure votes are promised by late September. Did.

As an early sign of the serious challenges Pelosi faces with the bill, last week she first gathered votes to clear procedural votes to adopt a budget plan that would allow the economic package to move forward. I couldn’t. She had to sign a contract with 10 Democratic moderates, which set a September 27 deadline for voting on the infrastructure bill in writing.

New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said he hopes the infrastructure and reconciliation bills will be voted on at the same time after the agreement.

“If not, they shouldn’t count on us,” she said.

House panels are starting to work on part of a $ 3.5 trillion package, but the timing isn’t clear in the Senate. Despite the September 15 deadline for the Senate to complete the work on the bill, the panel in its legislative room has not yet announced a legislative meeting.

Manchin short-circuited filibuster last month to help pass a fiscal blueprint that could help broader economic bills pass through the Senate without the support of other Senate Democrats and Republicans. Voted by. But it still didn’t promise to support the $ 3.5 trillion bill because of rising inflation and a surge in federal debt.

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell said this week that Manchin and another Democratic moderate, Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona, are seen by Republicans as the best prospect for defeating expensive economic packages. Stated.

“These are two Democratic senators and they seem to be actually resisting all of them,” McConnell said at an event in his home state of Kentucky. “I pray for their health and wise judgment every night. I encourage you to do the same.”

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Manchin urges suspension with $ 3.5 trillion bill Manchin urges suspension with $ 3.5 trillion bill

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