Mandalorian coach Robert Rodriguez planned Boba Fett’s return using Star Wars figures

Star Wars Toys have always been an important part of the franchise. Now they are at least partially responsible for reviving one of their most beloved characters. Robert Rodriguez was responsible for directing Boba Fett’s long-awaited return. Mandalorian Season 2.Now the filmmaker has revealed in the title episode that he has used action figures to help plan a big action scene for the bounty hunter. tragedy..

The release came as part of Disney gallery See behind the scenes in a recently released documentary on Disney + Mandalorian Season 2. Robert Rodriguez seems to have discussed his unprecedentedly important episode in which Temuera Morrison revived Boba Fett in a spectacular way. Rodriguez explained that he used his son to explain what he was looking for in the action sequence. Star Wars Toys and a camera in his backyard. This is what Rodriguez had to say.

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“I was so excited to bring Boba back that I decided to turn the three-page battle scene into a nine-minute battle scene. I told John. [Favreau]:’I was waiting to see this version Boba Fett Since I was a kid. Boba needs to be different, he can’t just look like another mand. He must move differently, feel differently, occupy a completely different space, and have the weight and gravity to show why he is such a legend.I wanted to not be ashamed of his whispering name since I was a kid [and] Become a mysterious character of the past that makes you want to know more about him. If Manda is a gunman, Boba must be a barbarian. “

Executive Producer Dave Filoni responded to the video by saying, “This will be the coolest animation ever!” The video is shown in special.You can see the director’s children dressed up Star Wars A Halloween costume in which various toys appear on behalf of the actor. Not only the franchise, but especially Robert Rodriguez’s passion for Boba Fett’s character, all with undeniable charm. Rodriguez added about his episode:

“You have to be happy. I don’t take it for granted that he will appear later in other episodes. He needs to be everything here now. That’s all about Boba Fett. I need this episode It was my main personal mission to say “Boba is back”. “

Needless to say, I was satisfied.Boba Fett gained significantly more screen time than the original Star Wars Trilogy. This was primarily a version of the character that many fans were dying to see for decades. Fortunately, Robert Rodriguez If you put everything in a row, there will be more from Boba in the future.

Not only can you expect Boba Fett to appear Mandalorian It’s Season 3, but he also has a spin-off series. As announced in the shocking post-credit scene, Boba Fett’s book Debut Disney + In December 2021, the long-awaited solo project was provided to the characters.Disney Gallery: Check out The Mandalorian Now Disney + Streaming Service..

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Mandalorian coach Robert Rodriguez planned Boba Fett’s return using Star Wars figures

https://movieweb.com/mandalorian-robert-rodriguez-boba-fett-star-wars-toys/ Mandalorian coach Robert Rodriguez planned Boba Fett’s return using Star Wars figures

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