Mandalorian Season 2 has more possibilities for every new Star Wars show

On Thursday, Disney announced that seven new Star Wars shows will be rolled out at Disney Plus until 2023. On Friday, Mandalorian It reminded me why it was a good idea.

The first season of the show was often exciting, and sometimes reminded me that Dinjarin occupies the same world as the heroes from Skywalker’s story. Often, the show was a series of detached events and a planet-style encounter of the week, with few comprehensive stories. In some episodes where the story was focused, it rarely left room for something else. The second season of the show isn’t too far from the general form, but it refines it to a point of excellence.

Mandalorian Season 2 is outstanding, with only one episode seen. As a TV show, there are some of the most striking actions, with a side and a great cast of one-off characters played by the actor’s deep bench that only Star Wars can attract. (Did you catch the original Richard Brake? Game of Thrones Night King, Chapter 15? ) Season 2 allows you to flirt with the famous continuous storytelling, while Prestige TV keeps its case, rather than the uneven story or storyless pace of the first season. The style of the week remains the same.

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Take the “believers”. Technically, it’s just a robbery mission. It’s no different than when Din helped Ahsoka free the town from imperial rule, or when Timothy Olyphant helped kill the sandworm. However, around this robbery, characters gathered from around Din’s orbit and were directly connected to his arc, so it didn’t feel like a side excursion at all. It was an exciting action episode and suitable for the next step in the journey. This is exactly the kind of justification that was lacking in the first season.

Not just watching TV Mandalorian The real strength of Season 2 is that it’s a great Star Wars. Two consecutive episodes (episodes 5 and 6) Mandalorian Faced Din with some of Star Wars’ most legendary characters. In the case of Ahsoka Tano, the show was able to introduce her to a live-action viewer and portray her beloved anime character in a satisfying way, whether or not she knew her name before the episode.

And it was neither a cheap gimmick nor a momentary fan service cameo. She gave Din and the viewer more details about the adorable little campion he devoted to protecting his life. She did it in a way that only she could, by using the Force and being able to empathize with what it would be like to be cut. Apart from the Jedi Order, you know your entire life. It was the perfect way to take her to the series.

The feat of reintroducing Boba Fett was even simpler. Jon Favreau, director Robert Rodriguez, and the show’s crew turned the legend into a character. In just two episodes Mandalorian With decades of fan-created myths, he has become a person who has little to do with the original trilogy, transforming him into an interesting person who is still alive and legendary. It was. The episode even dared to go against the myth of Tan the day before.Just by showing Boba across the hill to defeat Stormtrooper’s squad himself, the show can fully realize all the vices that have seemed to be implied since his first live-action appearance. Empire Strikes Back..

Boba Fett, everyone dressed in a party with Stormtroopers.

Image: Lucasfilm

Filling the margins and focusing on the side characters is what Star Wars should do when there is no theater obligation. Mand crossings with characters such as Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano, and even Bo Catan have taken root in the Star Wars world, connecting him to stories we already know and breaking new ground in the series. Gives room to explore.No Luke, Leia, Han nearby Mandalorian (So ​​far), it gives the drama a sense of discovery and novelty that was lacking in the sequel trilogy. Instead of C-3PO appearing out of nowhere, the show creates a place for a couple of cute frogs and their delicious eggs. Disney’s newly announced show slate can do just that.

The new series promises to fan out to the entire Star Wars world.It will be displayed in the following manner Ahsoka And Obi-Wan Kenobi Flesh the character who feels the arc is incomplete, New Republic Ranger Weeds for days and years following the collapse of the empire.favorite Rogue One, Andor Explore new genre areas of the franchise and see inside the day-to-day operations of the Rebel Alliance. in the meantime, Acolyte It promises the first on-screen look of the High Republic era, completely divorced from what you’ve seen in Star Wars so far. The show looks radically different, but as the author of the series said, it still contains the soul of George Lucas’s original film.

Of course, just bridging the gaps in the Star Wars world does not guarantee quality. solo.. But, MandalorianThe second season of Star Wars shows what can be done when the Star Wars universe escapes from the stuffy legacy of the original trilogy hero. There are many reasons to think that Disney Plus and the television culture as a whole have room for Disney’s robustness. Show slate.

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