Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal shoots down rumors about helmets

Mandalorian Even the smallest arc was one of the shows that caused the fan theory avalanche. Therefore, the fact that Pedro Pascal’s nominal protagonist strongly opposes showing his face because it is the Mandalore road has spurred rumors that contradict many speculations. .. And perhaps the most controversial is that Pascal wants to spend more time with the camera, so he argues that he ended up wearing a helmet. Now, of all the rumors swirling around the series, at least this was finally revealed by Pascal himself.

As the viewers of the series know, in Season 2, while Mandal is certainly a Mandalorian, he Watch kids.. They are a subsection of the Mandalorians, want to restore the old methods of Mandalore, and are described as religious fanatics, so there is a provision not to remove their helmets in front of the living soul.

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Therefore, there were only two rare opportunities Mandalorian Pascal Din DjarinBelieving in his “road”, he took off his helmet. The first example was the season 1 finale episode “Reimbursement,” in which the Mandalorian bounty hunter suffered a serious head injury and needed immediate medical attention. But he was taken care of by the droids, so in a sense Mand couldn’t show his face to the living soul.

In the recently released Season 2 episode “The Believer,” he Take off his helmetHowever, this countless (very living) human saw his true face (with a neatly trimmed mustache), but few survived to talk. He was not there.And once again, it triggered a conversation about Pascal’s view that he couldn’t show his face. Mandalorian..

For most of 2020, Pascal has been reported to be stuck in a continuous tiff. Mandalorian Showrunner removes his unique Vesker helmet. Reports that have been driven to new heights by unabated rumors Disney + series Did not agree with the actor’s request, Pedro Pascal It was set to leave the show forever.

But in the end, they were all pointless stories based on insubstantial facts. Narcos The actor didn’t just deny the rumors while appearing on the BBC. One show, With his co-star Gal Gadot, instead Wonder Woman 1984Upcoming simultaneous releases at HBO Max and the theater. He explained that the helmet isn’t a cheap tactic to keep the viewer out of breath, but expects to see his face (although it does). He understood that it was part of Mand’s character arc story and was an overall story, and shared that he was on the same page with Showrunner.

“It’s not really true. It’s a really great way to tell a story. It’s always been a very clear belief for the character and the whole collaborative process, we were all on this same page. ., I want them to enable the best show, but they do it. “

Well, I’m still eagerly waiting this week, whether or not there will be more moments for mandroleans without helmets. Mandalorian Being the season 2 finale, the bounty hunter will decide whether to reunite with Baby Yoda.You can check out the full clip of Pedro Pascal in one show here

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Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal shoots down rumors about helmets

https://movieweb.com/the-mandalorian-pedro-pascal-mask-rumors/ Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal shoots down rumors about helmets

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