Mandalorian: What’s next for Grogu?

this Star Wars: The Mandalorian The article contains spoilers.

Seeing stone on Tyson Did that job: Grogu is now taking care of the galaxy’s greatest Jedi, Luke Skywalker himself.. MandalorianFinale, “rescue,” Brings Luke as both a surprising connection to a bigger story and a new mentor for kids. The baby then immediately becomes familiar with Luke, touching the screen on which Luke is displayed and reaching out. They seem to be a good match.

This episode is not only a fun return for the main character of Saga, but also an episode that leaves many questions. Before getting the answer, seeing Luke’s elevator door close, child In the final scene of the episode, but I don’t know what’s next.

During the time MandalorianWe know that Luke is traveling through the galaxy, trying to find the relics and texts left by the previous generation of Jedi.It is during this quest to find the scriptures that Ray meets. The Last Jedi, And some records that belong to Higher RepublicJedi, Aber Chris. He recovered the once-grown Force-sensitive trees at the Jedi Temple in Coruscant before the Empire took over. He also trained his sister Leia to use the Force.

He owns a compass of Jedi stars found on the planet Period, eventually pointing to Achat, the planet where Luke voluntarily asylum shortly before the sequel trilogy.Only a few years later Mandalorian, He also sets out to find the Jedi ruins with his nephew Ben Solo and Force follower Lor San Tekka. Force Awakening..

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That is, Luke has an entire galaxy to explore to find the best way to build a new Jedi order. He already has some information, but as far as we know, he hasn’t begun to legitimately train anyone else in the Force way at this point. In fact, until “rescue,” Ben was like Luke’s Jedi apprentice. Now Grogu may fill that place. However, Luke does not yet have an academy to go home.

But did Grog eventually become one of the Jedi students who died when Ben Solo eventually destroyed Luke’s Academy?For one thing, Grogu isn’t on the sequel trilogy, so some people may wonder. For a small jedi did die Immediately before Force Awakening..You can do it Maybe But don’t worry.He does not appear in the comic book miniseries The rise of Kylo Ren By Charles Soul and Wilsliny, he recorded Ben’s fall into the dark side, marking the very moment when Luke’s former apprentice destroyed the Jedi Temple. Child is not one of the Jedi students featured in those cartoons, so it can be considered that he was gone with Luke by the time the Jedi Master founded his academy. Of course, it’s also possible to make a very rational counter-argument that Grogu didn’t exist in Lucasfilm’s creative vault when the studio began to make sequel-era stories.

Just as Luke takes on Grog as the first (?) Student, the fate that Grog awaits can be easily re-recognized on the timeline. That is, his absence from the sequel trilogy is very likely to be explained in another story. This opens the possibility for the Lucasfilm Story Group to determine that Grog died off-screen during the destruction of the Lucas Academy. But Disney didn’t kill their beloved (and lucrative) characters in such a rude way.

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Does this mean that at some point between “Rescue” and the sequel trilogy, Grog returned to Dinjarin? This is very possible — and even possible. It is a well-known fact that the connection between Din and Child has always been at the center of it. Mandalorian It was very successful. Forget all the nostalgia, references to classic movies, and Jedi and bounty hunter behavior. People ultimately care about this show because of this discovered family and what they mean to each other. The show wouldn’t have been hit hard unless the protagonist was so fully understood.

Disney seems to be far from the show’s core relationship, but it’s likely about not only moving some pieces on the galactic chess board, but also building tensions to meet again at a later date. .. At the end of “The Rescue”, it becomes clear where Din will go next. He formed an alliance with Bo-Katan and promised to help her regain Mandalore from the empire. The battlefield doesn’t seem like a place for almost defenseless babies. Removing the child from the equation makes it easy to tell a story as big as a Mandalore landfill without having to check in to a small Jedi for each episode. And when Grogu appears in the show, you also want to put him in front and in the center.

Whether the Mandalore story will be told in Season 3 or whether Boba Fett will take over for a short while as the Mandalorian protagonist Boba Fett’s book, As seen.What seems inevitable is that Din and Grog will eventually reunite and continue. their story.

But in the meantime, it’s exciting to think about where Luke and Grog could go first in the Jedi’s trusted X-wing. Can Luke bring Grog back to the rest of the Jedi Temple in Coruscant to explore the small Padawan’s past in the old Jedi Order? Or is it heading to Chandrilah, the capital of the New Republic at the time? Alternatively, Luke will pave the way for the next ruins and treasure trove of Jedi knowledge. This is a clear opportunity for Glog to learn more with him.

A more fascinating destination may be the home of the child, the mysterious birthplace of the Yoda species.Since Yoda was introduced Empire Strikes BackFans are wondering where the Jedi Master came from. This is a well-kept secret that George Lucas refused to reveal while under franchise control. And Disney doesn’t seem to be at all close to answering that question … yet. With Child proving such a hit to his fans, would Disney definitely want to explore more about the roots of the little Jedi in a mysterious place?

It would be perfect for Luke’s story. He will be able to learn more about the Jedi Master in the process of becoming a master himself and passing on what he has learned about the Force to another species of Yoda.It’s a kind of poetry Star Wars I love it.

Whatever the next possibility for the child, there are more months to guess. Mandalorian Season 3 is expected to arrive in December 2021.

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