Mandalorian’s new trooper references the classic Star Wars game: Dark Force

Mandalorian Creator Jon Favreau and his illusory companion Dave Filoni reveal: There are no sectors in the Star Wars galaxy that they don’t go to. From the first episode of answering old Star Wars questions about ice cream, to an introduction to Ahsoka Tano himself, and to the nasty and crooked way of the old Boba Fett Kenner toys at the Season 2 premiere Shoot the rocket up to the obvious mention. Anything that has been loved by longtime fans far away can (and probably will) be included in the Disney Plus series. Even if folklore is abolished after Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm, Filoni may be able to renormalize the characters and history of the new timeline, as Filoni did to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Rebel army (And again Mandalorian).

So why not use the rich text of your beloved Star Wars video game?

Obviously, there are “gamers” inside Mandalorian staff. In addition to Kenner’s toy reference at the Season 2 premiere, the episode nodded to the fan’s favorite side quest, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.. There is a more direct reference to Chapter 14, “Tragedy.” This makes Lucasarts followers in the mid-’90s dazzle like hell. And it didn’t even need MS-DOS!

[Ed. note: This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian season 2, episode 6.]

The reference in question rewarded the end of Episode 4, which revealed that Moffgideon not only wielded the Dark Savior, but also had his own mysterious and sophisticated new army. At the time, it was speculated that the new form of trooper could belong to the new clone trooper Gideon. is After all, in collaboration with former Camino scientists, to some new and improved views of the destroyer introduced in. Rogue One.. But the answer was somehow more nervous and probably obvious based on the appearance of the soldier Darth Vader. As Gideon announced in Chapter 14, “Tragedy,” these are the “Dark Troopers” that were first introduced in the 1995 first-person shooter. Star Wars Dark Force..

Screenshots of Dark Forces reissue by Limited Run Games
Image: Limited Execution Game / Lucasarts

As a late millennial, I like the memories of smuggling. Dark force Bring your CD-ROM to school, camp in a computer lab, and blow up a dark trooper instead of getting the amount of natural vitamin D you need from the sun. This was the method. After all, I wasn’t alone: Dark force And its sequel is considered part of the greatest Star Wars game of all time, giving players the joy of throwing heat detonators and slashing bad guys with lightsaber.

The in-game myth was just enough to tickle the imagination of a Star Wars movie-hungry kid. The “Dark Trooper Project” was led by General Rommock, an officer obsessed with weapons who wanted to bring the power of the Death Star to the individual soldiers of Emperor Palpatine. Several variations of the Dark Trooper have emerged from the game, from enhanced battle droids to exoskeleton-like battle suits. Rom Mohc wears Dark Trooper armor at the end of the game. Because he was the necessary hanging old flatulence. something To become an end boss.

Moff Gideon, in retrospect, is a sophisticated dapper version of General Rom Moke — and he’s reviving the empire, Baby! And the game-like robot Dark Trooper is just one part of the equation. As revealed in Episode 4, the work still has organic experiments. Child (also known as Baby Yoda) is a “donor”. At the beginning of the season, I saw some meat floating in the tank. Future snook?

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 Dark Trooper

Image: Lucas film Ltd.

The Dark Troopers were rooted in Star Wars game mythology, but later Star Wars Galaxy And the original Battle front Games, they don’t seem to be an integral part of Gideon’s master plan.But Filoni and Filoni could not include them Dark force Opens the door to greater potential: Kyle Katarn’s return.

The opposition to General Rom Mohc was Kyle, a dashing, very 90’s Jedi that had never been seen in the movie. The Force-wielding agent hired by Montmosma to eradicate the Dark Trooper project has become a Rebel Alliance hero with mechanical monsters and toes.He appeared in a future article in the Lucasarts first-person series, bullying towards the dark side and even becoming an emperor in the next ending. Jedi Knight: Dark Force 2!! — His record until the end of his regular run was clean.Very similar to Dash Rendar Shadow of the empire, Kyle is a Star Wars character, and many dreamed of doing it right in live action, but it never happened a million years later. So far, they are right.

However, the Mandalorian and Grog are looking for a Jedi, and with the advent of the Dark Trooper, the actual Kailuka Turn is expected.After the “Jedi” event that linked the show to both Ahsoka’s journey and Sloan, all the signs finally Star Wars Rebels Ezra Bridger, the main character as a Jedi who helps with baby Yoda training.

But … Kyle … does he have to be there? Kyle … Can you hear … Fans … We were waiting … We haven’t forgotten you … Everything we spent together blasting the Stormtrooper Year …

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