Maneater reveals new TruthQuest DLC extension

This summer, Tripwire Interactive will release TruthQuest, a new DLC extension for the Shark RPG Maneater. As journalists investigate the plot related to Port Clovis, the DLC will see Chris Parnell replaying the role of Trip West Haven. Reports of strange animals in the main game seem to have begun to spread online, with many claiming government cover-ups. With the extension, Westhaven explores the depths of the area on the ViewTube channel to determine what really happened. With this expansion, players can explore new regions, experience new stories and grow even bigger!

In the press release, creative director Sean MacBride talked about Truth Quest and what players can expect. McBride was making fun of DLC news earlier this year, which is the first concrete information we’ve ever seen.

“The team is working hard on the development of Maneater: Truth Quest and is pleased to announce the first details of the downloadable content that many fans are looking for,” said McBride. “We aim to offer more of what players loved from their original maneaters, grow bigger, explore entirely new areas off the coast of Port Clovis, and evolve further tools for destruction. Inspired by the story of Scaly Pete’s father, “Gub’ment Experiments” in “Gub’ment Experiments” resumes from where it left off, joins Trip Westhaven, eats and explores these unknown seas, and As you evolve, take part in a shark journey down the rabbit hole of conspiracy and military concealment. “

Players will have more opportunities to build sharks with TruthQuest. Five new organ evolutions have been added. The maximum level cap has been increased to 40, when you reach that level a new organ slot will open. The maximum size of the shark will also increase.

Unfortunately, that increase in size leads to bigger enemies! Players can expect to see new “Uber” apex predators and newly evolved hunt creatures. The military also poses a threat of attacking from the beach and the air through new weapons and vehicles. There are also five new bounty hunter bosses.

The TruthQuest extension costs $ 14.99 and requires a base game. Maneater is currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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