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Manita The second boss of the Tower of Latria Archstone at the edge of the Upper Latria area. It’s a powerful beast that can knock you out of the bridge with a powerful dash and cast magic on you while flying. A second manet will spawn until you’re about a quarter of your health (or after a few minutes of combat).

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Manetabus strategy

The best thing to keep in mind during this battle is how close I am to the edge. One of Manita’s most common attacks is the dash. This can easily pop out of the edge if you’re not standing near the middle of the bridge. If you are a close user, always stay as close to the center of the bridge as possible and avoid standing directly in front of the manita. Most of his attacks (his jump slams and jabs) attack the area in front of him, and his dash can be avoided with side steps (or shields if you have enough endurance).

Always try to attack from the side or behind. This will sometimes stagger and leave you exposed to long combos. He can always crouch down and prepare for a dash attack, so leave your stamina and roll. If you move too far from the monetary, he will sometimes fire you a magical blast. It can be blocked with your shield. He is also sometimes bitten by the tail of his snake, which tries to fascinate him with poison. Use this as a starting point to get one or two free attacks.

For long-distance users, use a similar strategy, but you can mitigate the risk by waiting for evasion and then releasing the attack. It’s also worth noting that you can hide behind a large torch in the middle of the bridge, giving the Maneater a moment to heal and rest, stuck on the other side.


As Manita jumps off the bridge, it will fly around the arena and cast a magical attack on you. Long-range users can continue to attack while he is in the air, but melee users have to dodge it and wait. If the first manita is low, the second will spawn, so try to kill the first maniter as soon as possible to avoid double teaming. Repeat the same process against the second monetary to defeat it and win the battle.


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