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The pair was elected by a rival team and started the finale from Paul. Hansen easily led with the line’s Hyperdrive Power Boost before handing over to the winner, Johann Kristofferson.

Rosberg X racing driver pitted in with a 35-second lead and handed it over to co-driver Molly Taylor, but Mannings set a competitive lap time in qualifying despite having a flat tire on the right rear tire, 11 seconds. I narrowed the gap. Secure second place.

When asked if former Junior World Rally Championship contestants would conclude the biggest moments of her career, 23-year-old Mannings said, “Yes, it’s huge.”

Mannings also revealed that she and Hansen stood on the podium and enjoyed the results of their first championship race in Saudi Arabia and the beautiful venue.

“When I and Timmy were listening to the national anthem of the winning team, we left the podium and had that conversation. It’s pretty surreal that we’re all here.

“It was a big build up until then. Nobody knew what to expect. It became very special for great results.

“It’s a big moment in my career and I remember forever. We stood there and even said,” Take this in. ” In the desert, we shouldn’t be here.

“There is no phone signal. Look at all these people who support us here, our fans at home, and the nice messages we receive.

“And fortunately I got good results.”

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Red Bull UK-backed Mannings also believed that the team had already identified areas for improvement prior to the second round in Senegal from May 29th to 30th.

She states: I know what I can work on next time. We know we can be faster. “

Hansen added: “Senegal will be a completely different race. It’s a different track. That’s the purpose of this championship. It’s a new challenge.

“We learned a bit about the car, but we have to be careful as the track presents some entirely new challenges and the race format continues to change.”

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Mannings “remembers the first Extreme E podium forever” Mannings “remembers the first Extreme E podium forever”

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