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Probably not a big deal at first, but at least when I tried to deny the effects that could have been removed from the opening night lineup built around his participation at the age of 48. Is what I told myself. A few minutes later, when Socks sent a press release, an intestinal punch came. This strongly suggested that Manny would not play at all this year due to an undisclosed medical condition.

The medical condition may remain private and I do not want or need to invade Manny’s personal medical life in such a way. This article isn’t about what’s wrong with Manny, but about the sunset over the career of a great ball player.

Manny wasn’t trying to get back into the big league with his ABL stint, at least I’m sure he wasn’t. Rather, for him playing at ABL was to go back on the field and play the game he loved so much. Taking that opportunity from him, thanks to his body betraying him, is the ultimate slap for a proud Dominican star.

Manny is Manny, well, a term coined thanks to Manny being a baseball diamond Manny. What made Manny such a special player was not only how talented he was, but also because he was good at baseball games and enjoyed every second.

Sometimes it means leaving in the middle of the inning to chat with the scoreboard operator, doing strange things with a helmet, or trotting the base as slowly as possible after one of the huge home runs. Sometimes it meant to do. For me, and for most people in the baseball world, Manny’s being Manny has always meant seeing great players have the fun of making baseball an infectious sport. It was.

To be clear, Manny is not a saint. Sometimes what he did wasn’t good or he needed to answer a serious question. Otherwise he will be hurt forever. Yes, there is the use of steroids, but I don’t really care about it or want any answer to the problem.

Manny emerged in an era when too many players were using steroids and the Dominican Baseball Academy made performance-enhancing drugs a part of the daily routine of young players. People looking for some sort of answer or meaculpa from Manny on the steroid problem spend too much time worrying about something I believe is of little importance in a grand plan of things. I am.

Manny, on the other hand, has never really addressed the 2012 accusations of domestic violence. It’s something he owes explanations and answers to people. Whether it indicates that he owns the accusation and indicates that he has changed, or honestly denies the accusation, he tells people about alleged acts that really hurt his image and reputation. I owe something.

Manny’s body has decided that Manny will no longer be Manny in the coming months. Manny is quietly leaving the stage instead of the final fuss. What Manny wanted for his career was probably not the end, and it’s definitely not the end that those who enjoyed his play expected and expected. We all wanted to have a little more fun with Manny at the end. Instead, you aren’t even allowed to see him swing towards the next sunset. Baseball can sometimes be the cruelest mistress.

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Manny Ramirez and the Cruelty of Baseball — Baseball.FYI Manny Ramirez and the Cruelty of Baseball — Baseball.FYI

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