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Manswarner recently spoke with Nick Houseman Wrestling Co., Ltd.Talks about many topics, including asking for his release from Major League Wrestling.

In October, the following was reported. Manswarner demanding release from MLW, Those who continue to have a promotion contract.

About his MLW status:

Well, I think people have seen it on the dirt sheet there before. Old Mancer sought his release from MLW, but you saw it on a dirt sheet, and it’s like where we are now. it is what it is.Where I go and what I do, I’m always at GCW [and] IWA Mid-South.

I’m there this weekend but all the shows have been canceled and I’m not really sure if things will shut down again. Vaccine is out, [but] I don’t know when everything will come back. So for now, I know that game changer wrestling is happening. The IWA Mid-South show took place this weekend, but I didn’t know what was going on after that.

How long he has left his MLW contract:

Well, that’s all Mancer knows right now. So that was a while ago. I saw it on a dirt sheet. At that time people were talking about it, and that’s all we know. I’m just doing my own thing. Wrestling, game changer wrestling, GCW, and go here as much as possible. Maybe everyone will find a dirt sheet or something in front of me.

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All elite wrestling I was reportedly interested in Warner, He attended an event held in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this year.

Warner in August of this year Application trademark To secure the names “Mance Warner” and “Southern Psycho” to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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Manswarner talks about requesting a release from MLW Manswarner talks about requesting a release from MLW

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